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Kevin Carter dc9ae1ac5b Remove mistral from the config_download deploy workflow
This change removes all of mistral from the config_download_deploy function
by calling the required functions directly.

- All of the inputs within this function have been cleaned up and documented.
- New log entires will be created when using this method giving the deployer
  a better overall user experience.
- To ensure we're able to support the ability to reproduce commands, the ssh
  args extravar has been moved to an environment variable.
- The methods get_config and get_key have been moved to the utils module.
  This was done to help avoid circular imports.

Update methods have been changed to execute without running within a mistral
workflow. This was changed because there's no need to support the multiple
code paths anymore given config_download is now running directly.

Test classes have been updated to reduce duplication.

With the new streamlined execution process we should see improved deployment
times and better visability into the deployment process.

Task: 38422
Story: 2007212

Depends-On: I006291a2465aa4c950abce76f9e5f9459b76e330
Change-Id: Ide1a4503dd2bdd2d5e494cd1eac483b842a21acf
Co-authored-by: Luke Short <>
Co-authored-by: Dougal Matthews <>
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <>
3 years ago
Mathieu Bultel 92a2fda8e6 Make mistral optional for Ansible Update and Upgrade
Add option: --no-workflow to enable running ansible
update and upgrade outside of mistral.

Depends-On: I0c106cf795a6830a87790f1075889a6a4db65d22
Change-Id: I77f1a4efb5c60ffb5d7363d0343101fb6e702292
4 years ago
Jiri Stransky 457ffd753f Update/upgrade commands for services with external installers
New `openstack overcloud external-update run` and `openstack overcloud
external-upgrade run` commands are defined. These are meant to perform
updates and upgrades for services deployed via
external_deploy_tasks. A separate command is used because external
installers don't fit well within the --nodes and --roles selection
pattern we've established for the normal `update run` and `upgrade
run` commands.

Partial-Bug: #1783949
Depends-On: Ib2474e8f69711cd6610a78884d5032ffd19ad249
Depends-On: I982032a0eadfbfb7f1eadee9cae26c8cd5fcdbba
Change-Id: Ib2f32ae8ac234b0c25b0e1ff1f8f8d8e041185e0
5 years ago