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Rabi Mishra fa6a29379c Fix some pep8 errors
- F632
- E305
- E117

Change-Id: Id08a49c401a11a6f43ff132e798bdb1088ddb75d
3 years ago
Alex Schultz 24d6301d92 Fix test for netenv validate
Previously we were actually attempting to open a file in the
NIC_validate function when executed by this test because it was not
properly mocked. If you had an empty file /tmp/foo, the test would fail
because it would try and read data from it.

Change-Id: Iab778b756637ae3e3a4beeea66bfa41b3cedd7b8
Closes-Bug: #1768337
5 years ago
Lennart Regebro ceb54aad77 Adding a test to exercise the command
Change-Id: Ia0fb62837c813a353c1d40eb8de2c763738caad8
8 years ago
Brad P. Crochet 12edde8a53 Rename rdomanager_oscplugin to tripleoclient
Change-Id: I4593a5248160204645d567d7f2fa3a396629082b
8 years ago