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ramishra 5e5b4fa2c3 Use full path of networks_file for minion
This changes to use the full path of networks_file.

Change-Id: I9c7d047e24912b43211c1d27d126d0544dfe9fac
Closes-Bug: #1914047
2 years ago
gugug ee7de7c839 Replace assertItemsEqual with assertCountEqual
assertItemsEqual was removed from Python's unittest.TestCase in
Python 3.3 [1][2]. We have been able to use them since then, because
testtools required unittest2, which still included it. With testtools
removing Python 2.7 support [3][4], we will lose support for
assertItemsEqual, so we should switch to use assertCountEqual.

[1] -
[2] -
[3] - testing-cabal/testtools#286
[4] - testing-cabal/testtools#277

Change-Id: Id2be00858df975e3ee6f8e12f7650e936d99d46b
3 years ago
Kevin Carter bcc9c66747
Replace ansible shell with python runner
This change replaces all of the ansible shell commands with the
python library, ansible-runner. This library is supported by
upstream ansible, is approved by the openstack foundation, is
supported in global requirements, and provides a better, more
programatic interface into running ansible playbooks.

All tests that interacted with the old shell commands have been
updated to now test using the library.

Change-Id: I8db50da826e2fbc074f4e7986d6fd00f6d488648
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <>
4 years ago
Alex Schultz 778351abe6 Use configured passwords
The tripleo deploy command automatically loads passwords from
tripleo-<stackname>-passwords.yaml. We have a configuration items in the
minion configuration to point at the undercloud config. We need to copy
the configure file into the correct name to ensure it gets loaded

Change-Id: I0bbda8857473566a9ad18f20af9da8a34dd6ed0f
Closes-Bug: #1855010
4 years ago
Alex Schultz d242ad7cfe Write minion preflight checks
There are some basics we should check before running the install.

Change-Id: I510457333aadcabe0f02c05a39c7c10b221410ae
Blueprint: undercloud-minion
4 years ago
Alex Schultz 979e100bb3 Fix minion_local_interface
The correct setting is minion_local_interface and not local_interface.

Change-Id: I94d5ca033ea086dcaa73bd0e855b8ff085a2aadf
Closes-Bug: #1837623
4 years ago
Alex Schultz 831b1e7bbb Fix minion config test
We were missing a mock for the ansible symlink call so it was actually
executing on the host. This fails in our package building environments
because we do not have access to sudo.

Change-Id: I6f2082c6880f313b841fc420bc362a52708b3358
Closes-Bug: #1834347
4 years ago
Alex Schultz 8de77cbe70 Add minion installation
Add the ability to install an undercloud minion which is connected to an
original undercloud. This minion can have either heat-engine or
ironic-conductor deployed on it.

Adds two new openstack commands for the minion install and a new
minion.conf can be used to configure them.

openstack undercloud minion install
openstack undercloud minion upgrade

Change-Id: I61832f5088be172eaf31b36a9cca8dc289580bb2
Related-Blueprint: undercloud-minion
4 years ago