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Juan Pablo Lopez 945882fe72 Modifying Openstack client for undercloud and overcloud backup
- '--init' flag was marked with WARNING indicating it will be
  deprecated and replaced by '--setup-nfs' and '--setup-rear'.
  Now it receives arguments: 'rear' and 'nfs'. Defaults to: rear,
  so it doesn't break interface.
- '--setup-nfs' flag added which installs and configure NFS
  on the 'BackupNode' host.
- '--setup-rear' flag added which installs and configure ReaR
  on the 'Undercloud' or the 'Controller' nodes.
- '--extra-vars' was enabled to pass variables to the playbooks
  by specifying JSON/YAML string or full path of the file.
- Now 'tags' parameter is used internally to specify which
  tasks to run.
- '--storage-ip' flag on overcloud backup command was marked with
  WARNING indicating it will be deprecated in favor of '--extra-vars'
  which allows to pass this and more properties.
  Thought, it has precedence over '--extra-vars'. If used it will replace
  the '--extra-vars' property 'tripleo_backup_and_restore_nfs_server'.

Bugzilla: #1824806
Change-Id: I31f2a554b03677fe29bd1186dee5d278b6d0554b
2 years ago
Toure 846836a196 Add backup functionality to Openstack client for undercloud and overcloud.
This will allow administrators to perform a backup of the undercloud or
overcloud from the existing backup and restore role which is included
in the tripleo-anisble project.


Change-Id: If25b71ae4d12208875d0fbcd9e16188a6f018f99
3 years ago
apetrich 8bc80382d3 Move undercloud backup from mistral to ansible
This playbook reflects the same behaviour as the mistral workbook
of the same name and adds functionality discussed on this external

This also adds a --save-swift parameter (default false)
that makes the backup be saved on swift otherwise it will
be saved on the filesystem.

Depends-On: I309d52eb424a73bd04af167a2a7411ba3bf35674
Change-Id: I054a805e820087a30bd8d27a0b460b6e519849ac
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <>
3 years ago
Harald Jensås ce9a49fe68 Add unit test for undercloud ctlplane network config
Move processing of ctlplane subnet to it's own methods.
Add unit tests for undercloud ctlplane network config.

Note: Also renames some of the test files to avoid
      conflicts when using oslo_fixture for config.

Change-Id: I5f4b919c79673c9c1c226dcc9daa5d5e0d356dc2
5 years ago