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Sagi Shnaidman 531f36e4b4 Set policycoreutils package name for RHEL/CentOS 8
In RHEL/Centos 8 policycoreutils-python is called policycoreutils-python-utils.
Fix bindep file to match the new name.
Change-Id: I47bd71f5aca6d870134a43e49646814151ab4524
2019-09-09 10:18:58 +00:00
shangxiaobj 6a45d44075 Update the doc links to the right ones
Update the http or invalid doc links to the right ones
according to the official OpenStack website.

Change-Id: I632d73541c0cfa22f984739cf4361cb1b9e7902b
2018-01-18 00:17:13 -08:00
Ian Wienand 23bc245cd0 Use qemu-img in bindep
The qemu-img-ev package comes from the virtualization sig backports.
These stopped getting installed with
I747c2b8754effbc6ec82af3bf7543fd9599a6c14.  I believe that this is
really installing these dependencies for dib to convert the image, and
that works with the standard qemu-img package.

Change-Id: I0c09c54f7ace4ac28942b733cbc6dfe42436ecdc
2017-11-28 14:14:59 +11:00
Steve Baker 1b6585494f Install policycoreutils-python
This will allow image build test jobs to run semanage, which is
required on the host for selinux based image building.

Change-Id: I5da210156aa589ab69df1c0dea8567522d4004dd
Closes-Bug: #1707788
2017-08-03 13:13:02 +12:00
Brad P. Crochet 0c97318870 Change the qemu-img bindep to be qemu-img-ev
The qemu-img package is now named qemu-img-ev, and it breaks the bindep

Change-Id: I215bfc84bd8362cc0eac39b6b475f74fcd0da806
2016-11-08 09:56:40 -05:00
Paul Belanger e04dcd2d7c
Add ssl development headers to bindep
This is needed to compile cryptography.

Change-Id: Ie1d4f179492c8018d128332b3fa5c0dd35be0e03
Signed-off-by: Paul Belanger <>
2016-09-26 09:21:52 -04:00
Emilien Macchi f1efe9d23b Add libffi-dev to bindep.txt
Rename other-requirements.txt -> bindep.txt and add missing dependencies
to run CI jobs.

Change-Id: If60fc3a0351d724a05edbbf1643b1335bce675b0
2016-09-06 19:01:24 -04:00