17 Commits (87e8fb2e0e61cab0613bd215e1657bee658e51de)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Wes Hayutin 87e8fb2e0e remove scen007/009 multinode jobs from stein zuul layout 9 months ago
Marios Andreou 0779264c3e Remove centos-7 upgrade and update jobs and lower-constraints 9 months ago
Alex Schultz ef4147e539 Remove centos-7-standalone-upgrade 1 year ago
Wes Hayutin a997810baf scen008 never passes in stein 2 years ago
Bogdan Dobrelya cea35ae72e Delay check CI jobs until the pep8/unit passes.. 3 years ago
Quique Llorente 12f0857f0d Add standalone scenario jobs 3 years ago
confi-surya 49cce8f199 Use template for lower-constraints 3 years ago
Alex Schultz 4a1108c2a6 Drop baremetal job template 3 years ago
Sorin Sbarnea d5b16b5ca5 Add missing py37 toxenv and corrected default envlist 3 years ago
Alex Schultz 9a5f6d594f Add container build job 3 years ago
Doug Hellmann 6b2704095b add python 3.6 unit test job 3 years ago
Doug Hellmann 365df24cee switch documentation job to new PTI 3 years ago
Doug Hellmann c20ae90f30 import zuul job settings from project-config 3 years ago
Doug Hellmann 465ce03d8c add lower-constraints job 4 years ago
James E. Blair 07e27ffda1 Zuul: Remove project name 4 years ago
Sagi Shnaidman 286494caed Remove RH1 OVB jobs from configuration 4 years ago
Emilien Macchi 70b93f4d9c Migrate python-tripleoclient to zuul v3 jobs 4 years ago