458 Commits (9cc45431d56dc394f84a87569d8e1231046eaa13)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Harald Jensås 2b2e52c882 overcloud deploy - provision networks 4 months ago
Harald Jensås 059dff4d3d Remove unused method _format_endpoint_name 4 months ago
ramishra 4243df7de1 Don't download configs twice for --setup-only 4 months ago
ramishra 8800f06c94 Don't allow --config-download-only with --baremetal-deployment 4 months ago
ramishra 1f316538d1 Handle KeyboardInterrupt with overcloud deploy 4 months ago
Jiri Podivin a1aadd37d7 Too broad exceptions replaced with altenatives. 4 months ago
James Slagle a35f798390 Wait for Heat message queues 5 months ago
ramishra 0b9e9a43c8 Allow user environments override generated ones 5 months ago
ramishra e36e9562e3 Use environment files when building image params 5 months ago
Francesco Pantano c78ab58812 Check if both swift and rgw are enabled during Upgrade Prepare 5 months ago
James Slagle 6568a7953b Use consistent working dir for ansible-runner 6 months ago
James Slagle 61b6e8737a Handle exceptions in finally clause 5 months ago
James Slagle 7483b62332 Automatically run overcloud export when using ephemeral heat 7 months ago
James Slagle f4920c49f6 Add enable_neutron and enable_heat 7 months ago
James Slagle fc8feccc2f Add heat launcher db backup/restore 5 months ago
James Slagle e8f53ae778 Support using ephemeral Heat 5 months ago
Harald Jensås 32bf3beda6 Don't allow Redis/OvnDBs VIP in resource_registry 7 months ago
James Slagle abfedf303f Wire up --disable-container-prepare 6 months ago
James Slagle a7b0b5e456 Restore old config-download symlink to new location 6 months ago
ramishra b503d5896d Don't initialize deploy_message again 6 months ago
ramishra add3c406cd Fix overcloud status command 6 months ago
James Slagle 336808ba57 Use a consistent working dir for deployment 8 months ago
ramishra 4a8ab942ce Remove default plan-environment.yaml references 7 months ago
ramishra 4b0b290ec1 Fix node delete to not use overcloud plan 7 months ago
ramishra 1feed0e51b Remove keep_env_on_update logic 9 months ago
ramishra 7d35e85e8a Bring back check_deprecated_parameters 8 months ago
ramishra ea363cbfa3 Fix image parameter update 8 months ago
ramishra 16789038c9 Add user-environment files to archive 8 months ago
ramishra 876b24b55d Disable swift on undercloud 8 months ago
ramishra 1603ed45db Remove plan/plan-role management commands 8 months ago
ramishra 6e802d23e3 Locally keep deployment_status 8 months ago
ramishra 2bd39e61dc Archive overcloud deploy artifacts 8 months ago
Kevin Carter be580c6690
Add new option for `setup-only` 8 months ago
ramishra e93244a2a5 Refactor jinja rendering of templates 8 months ago
ramishra 5027962dd7 Don't create/update plan for overcloud deploy 8 months ago
Rabi Mishra 258ecb54b7 Use heat server side env merging 9 months ago
ramishra d76a3ab9d1 Drop --update-plan-only 8 months ago
ramishra e0eea8c580 Create overcloudrc using stack environment 9 months ago
Cédric Jeanneret 7c066dec13 We don't have to disable validations anymore for pre-deployed OC 8 months ago
Kevin Carter 7c40575d7b
Update client to create archive and use tripleo-common 12 months ago
Rabi Mishra e11dcaea5d Set DeployIndentifier early in tripleoclient-parameters.yaml 9 months ago
Takashi Kajinami 8cc029b99c Remove count/flavor options from overcloud deploy 10 months ago
Sergii Golovatiuk b139da3995 Logging refactor 12 months ago
Alex Schultz 0d84ac9234 Add --disable-container-prepare flag 1 year ago
Alex Schultz 0e304cbece Switch deployed-server if nova unavailable 11 months ago
Rabi Mishra 993ed4d7bd Add check for nic config with ansible migration 11 months ago
Rabi Mishra d6fba3f09f Use default environment with --deployed-server 12 months ago
Francesco Pantano 58f913512c
Check CephClusterFSID against proposed env files 12 months ago
Harald Jensås 6ced9c71db ctlplane network attributes in overcloud environment 1 year ago
Luke Short 896a397b1e Expose --ansible-forks 1 year ago