python utility to manage a tripleo based cloud
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Zuul 0e04ec5beb Merge "[train-only] post stack creation tsx validation" into stable/train 4 months ago
5.8.0-9f2df7e7dfcfbc42.yaml Don't create swift container if plan creation fails 5 years ago
Add_parameters_and_create-vars-file_arguments_to_the_list_subcommand-2e0944e5440c4216.yaml Add --parameters and --create-vars-file arguments to the list subcommand 2 years ago
Allow-running-validations-by-name-using-Ansible-by-default-2dac0dfd9c7a4690.yaml Allow running validations by group using Ansible by default 2 years ago
Swift-encryption-for-the-undercloud-9d9e62205fc54531.yaml Enable Swift encryption for the containerized undercloud 3 years ago
TLS-by-default-for-undercloud_config-f8cdcf206de51b3c.yaml Enable TLS by default in the containerized undercloud 4 years ago
add-architecture-option-1fca9e53bd59d353.yaml Add --architecture support when uploading images 3 years ago
add-check-for-disable-upgrade-deployment-flag-f074554e47e85b27.yaml Add check for disable_upgrade_deployment flag in roles_data 4 years ago
add-fencing-parameter-generation-c0ae21e0fee4f350.yaml Add overcloud_parameters.GenerateFencingParameters. 5 years ago
add-ffu-cli-48e6039749f1fcdb.yaml Add ffwd-upgrade cli - overcloud ffwd-upgrade [prepare|run|converge] 3 years ago
add-ipa-cleanup-to-overcloud-delete-ab5835b098805d45.yaml Add option to skip ipa cleanup when deleting overclouds 1 year ago
add-ironic-bios-interface-3fdd5587a60fdb31.yaml Undercloud: reno followup for ironic bios interface configuration 3 years ago
add-ironic-inspect-interface-90b6ff6cfc052eb4.yaml Undercloud: support inspect interface for redfish, idrac, ilo, irmc 3 years ago
add-networks-data-support-to-standalone-c06e29b44f44b6d5.yaml Add support for networks data in Standalone 3 years ago
add-platform-option-97d92380b9ff52f1.yaml Add --platform support when uploading images 3 years ago
add-skip-tags-overcloud-upgrade-run-6aaf5925ffc02359.yaml Wire up a --skip-tags parameter for overcloud upgrade run cli 4 years ago
add-undercloud_enable_selinux-configuration-67d2fb994496ef16.yaml Add undercloud_enable_selinux 3 years ago
add-user-confirmation-to-node-delete-ca8c240bfd71c0ba.yaml Add a user confirmation to node delete 2 years ago
allow-running-validations-with-custom-extra-variables-12c7277b30eb791d.yaml Allow running validations with custom extra variables 2 years ago
ansible-default-config-920461117f0bd427.yaml Generate ansible.cfg for UC/standalone deployments 3 years ago
ansible-forks-arg-9f7b439e4b6980dd.yaml Expose --ansible-forks 9 months ago
ansible_connection_timeout-78e45f20ff91f672.yaml Fix misused deployment vs connection timeouts 1 year ago
bug-1743575-dcacfa668eaf51a6.yaml Composable role and service fails workflow 4 years ago
bulk-status-missing-50cc60281c6e20f5.yaml Fix 'introspection bulk status' when some nodes were never introspected 4 years ago
capture-environment-status-and-logs-5f7f0f287d8465c5.yaml Add overcloud support report collect command 4 years ago
check-undercloud-disk-space-709ebf574e91ae3a.yaml Some release notes were in the wrong place, moved them. 2 years ago
config-download-default-dir-changed-58a4b756b80050d0.yaml Change default config download directory 4 years ago
config-download-default-to-true-1423abc46b294938.yaml Add --stack-only cli arg 3 years ago
config-download-in-progress-4af02517cb5a5c0c.yaml Handle config-download in progress in tripleoclient 2 years ago
config-download-only-d82ae32e13595f93.yaml Add --config-download-only 3 years ago
config-download-timeout-82ab8914f998631f.yaml Honor timeout with config-download 3 years ago
config-download-verbosity-75fa34c110c00657.yaml Don't force verbosity of 1 for config-download 2 years ago
config_download-5ba7f496b2186b68.yaml Rename download config to config download 4 years ago
container-build-exclude-option-4c4d3899f7a2649c.yaml Add excludes to container image build 3 years ago
container-image-commands-49eaa9c338085844.yaml New command "overcloud container image build" 5 years ago
container_work_dir-edb40007cb25168e.yaml Add --work-dir option to container image build command 2 years ago
ctlplane-undercloud-conf-host-routes-7084bf696020c39e.yaml Undercloud - support ctlplane subnet host routes 3 years ago
default-kolla-conf-9b5aaab1931f00a0.yaml Add default kolla conf file for TripleO to build container images 4 years ago
default_ironic_http_boot-4b1d3769635b829f.yaml Move ironic http boot reno to the correct section 3 years ago
deploy-overcloud-pre-provisioned-9d55ca9bda6c8a84.yaml Allow overcloud deploy on UC w/o nova/ironic 4 years ago
deploy-undercloud-with-heat-789655d324b2727b.yaml Install prerequisites for undercloud deploy 4 years ago
deployment-rhel-registration-cli-removal-cf36ac9fb4d81a04.yaml Remove rhsm cli options 2 years ago
deployment_user-bc451a45754035b9.yaml undercloud: introduce deployment_user parameter 4 years ago
deprecate-baremetal-commands-d24279b6a7cf97d6.yaml Release note for deprecated baremetal commands 5 years ago
deprecate-docker-config-options-ebf403648b096929.yaml Deprecate docker config options 3 years ago
deprecate-overcloud-container-prepare-45b61e76072b2736.yaml Deprecate overcloud image prepare 2 years ago
deprecate-pull-source-1d904126040c2eb1.yaml Deprecate --pull-source for container prepare command 4 years ago
deprecate-tripleo-ui-12328976b429426f.yaml Mark enable_ui as deprecated 3 years ago
deprecate-undercloud-deploy-b3da98146e0c962d.yaml Create generic deployment action 3 years ago
deprecate_instack-e6ffdc2bb886a3c8.yaml Deprecate non containerized undercloud 3 years ago
dhcp_start_stop_optional_for_remote_subnets-805b7d2ed7ed0863.yaml Calculate undercloud ctlplane DHCP allocation pools 3 years ago
disable-password-generation-84a8be5686a8cf2e.yaml Release note for disabling password generation 5 years ago
disable-password-generation-uc-cced193be3d1aa86.yaml Allow custom UC/standalone passwords 3 years ago
discover-tag-3b0b073a95178e82.yaml Command to discover the versioned tag from latest 4 years ago
drop-ceph-ansible-playbook-param-87e3d0582ab640ba.yaml Remove parameter for ceph-ansible playbook from update/upgrade prepare 3 years ago
drop-ceph-upgrade-run-8f28475bf6b0af65.yaml Drop obsolete `overcloud ceph-upgrade run` 3 years ago
drop_mistral_support_for_the_validations_CLI-081bc5cd6e7db056.yaml Drop Mistral support for the Validations CLI 2 years ago
external-update-upgrade-8c354d66d8ad5ecc.yaml Update/upgrade commands for services with external installers 3 years ago
fail-on-wrong-env-dir-b1d0530052002e57.yaml Fail early in case of error in env directory path 4 years ago
fix-container-undercloud-validations-admin-host-only-against-local-subnet-5e98a220e01e6c19.yaml Only validate admin and public host in local_subnet cidr 3 years ago
fix-dhcpv6-stateless-inspector-dnsmasq-range-9d0f4635ecce3d2f.yaml Fix inspector ip range for dhcpv6-stateless 2 years ago
fix-fencing-action-parameter-8321d25a23d8ef99.yaml Make fencing action parameter optional. 5 years ago
fix-pass-mtu-option-inspector-dnsmasq-7c2f9d7d358ace07.yaml Set option:mtu in inspector dnsmasq 2 years ago
get_rid_of_mistral_for_listing_validations-1e9dedf33675f1d6.yaml Get rid of Mistral for listing validations 2 years ago
git-support-for-plans-883d622d2275ba3b.yaml Update plan creation command 4 years ago
handle-failed-actions-cac0abd02ed67a51.yaml Handle failed actions 4 years ago
handle-no-deployment-status-a8f73f887f0f158f.yaml Handle non-existant plan when getting deployment status 3 years ago
healthcheck_disabled-d0878072273d1496.yaml Some release notes were in the wrong place, moved them. 2 years ago
heat_launcher_podman-80870701fe4d99a5.yaml Switch Heat Launcher to use Podman instead of Docker when containerized 3 years ago
image-build-labels-97fda64f693cd8ba.yaml Add label argument for the container image build 7 months ago
image-vendor-packages-a0d667e0c7aa1bbd.yaml Remove vendor plugins from image build 5 years ago
inflight-validation-option-9e3f70b5bcb8dea9.yaml Disable inflight validations by default 2 years ago
invoke-plan-env-workflows-05421b1ee8be4733.yaml Invokes specified workflows in plan env file 4 years ago
ipmi-discovery-aaee9fb7082ffac4.yaml Add 'overcloud node discover' command 4 years ago
ipmi-lanplus-default-fb3ec3496853ed9e.yaml Make ipmi lanplus the default in auto fencing 3 years ago
ipv6-address-mode-option-c85242d337d9e0d9.yaml Add option to control IPv6 address mode 2 years ago
libvirtd_handle_nbd_tls-277e72f07dd867c8.yaml [train/stein] Handle UseTLSTransportForNbd for previous created envs 10 months ago
make-ssh-enablement-timeouts-configurable-326124c81ce56fca.yaml Add additional ssh timeout options 2 years ago
modify-os-image-parameter-004b1cc81df2b88e.yaml Modified --os-image option in overcloud image upload 4 years ago
move-to-undeploy-plan-067e6070b5f24fa3.yaml Change the overcloud delete command to use undeploy_plan 3 years ago
networks_data_option-6c613c0d118ccfc8.yaml Add -n/--networks-data option 4 years ago
no-cisco-bdddc17abb5f2847.yaml Remove support for Cisco hardware types 2 years ago
node-unprovision-dd400e58f2f479a2.yaml New command "openstack overcloud node unprovision" 2 years ago
noop-fencing-action-parameter-6ca390e9ebf43796.yaml Deprecate the action parameter for fencing generation. 4 years ago
openstack-overcloud-export-293c8f0f6ab13e91.yaml Add openstack overcloud export 2 years ago
openstack-overcloud-export-ceph-f36421e1685db302.yaml Add openstack overcloud export ceph 1 year ago
openstack-undercloud-backup-b0c83afeb565c41d.yaml Add Openstack Undercloud backup 4 years ago
option-ironic-network-interfaces-7e185f5fd67c7500.yaml Add option to control ironic network interfaces 2 years ago
os-cloud-config-b2acae54b4f0baf2.yaml Stop using os-cloud-config 5 years ago
overcloud-cell-export-4a51243ab002935a.yaml Add overcloud cell export command 2 years ago
overcloud-credentials-command-f9e8d7439fee02d5.yaml Add a new command to get the overcloudrc files 5 years ago
overcloud-delete-59fea2cd43cc9dd5.yaml Migrate overcloud delete to full workflow 5 years ago
overcloud-deploy-history-4a54b53ac10e6542.yaml create history for the overcloud deploy command 4 years ago
overcloud-export-passwords-bfa698491601a734.yaml Use user set password values in overcloud export 1 year ago
overcloud-failures-0e98b37251fb2be2.yaml openstack overcloud failures 3 years ago
overcloud-node-bios-c9ae89e35a96c7b1.yaml Create commands for configuring BIOS on given nodes 3 years ago
overcloud-node-clean-981790791a0d0246.yaml Add 'overcloud node clean' command to run metadata cleaning on nodes 3 years ago
overcloud-profiles-compute-0e12922b3db70285.yaml Report node availability from "overcloud profiles list" 4 years ago
overcloud-status-69d3cc931f50930e.yaml overcloud plan deployment status 3 years ago
override-plan-env-e3df45a51bda717e.yaml Optional override of the plan environment file 4 years ago
per-subnet-nameservers-d53b5cdc6d099a6a.yaml Don't pass the DNSServers param in undercloud env 2 years ago
plan-export-command-3fb76c91c77d7b24.yaml Add plan export command 5 years ago
post_upgrade_tasks_undercloud_standalone-d9914f6b52c237ce.yaml standalone/undercloud: run post_upgrade_tasks when upgrading 3 years ago
prepare-environment-directory-aa86ad3935aec192.yaml Add --environment-directory to the prepare command 4 years ago
prepare-include-86d96ff1d7bdc44d.yaml Add --include argument to old prepare command 3 years ago
prepare-service-4281d7358be7450a.yaml Filter container images by deployed services 4 years ago
queens-upgrade-cli-add-roles-nodes.yaml-6ac6ecda01286006.yaml Add --roles and --nodes params to overcloud upgrade run cli 4 years ago
remove-abort-9aa90d73d09507c9.yaml Remove update abort 5 years ago
remove-default-overcloud-ssh-key-7341a84480727234.yaml Remove default for --overcloud-ssh-key 4 years ago
remove-neutron-dhcp-agents-per-network-1f34e5deeba71cda.yaml Remove calculation for NeutronDhcpAgentsPerNetwork 5 years ago
remove-tripleo-ui-0176ef82f8563b92.yaml Remove tripleo-ui items from the undercloud install 2 years ago
remove-undercloud-deploy-3cbbfe5f159cc71d.yaml Remove undercloud deploy 2 years ago
remove_ffwd-upgrade_commands-579f885957f02863.yaml Remove ffwd-upgrade commands from tripleoclient. 1 year ago
rename-prepare-cmd-args-f867df198d53943b.yaml Rename options to the prepare command for clarity 4 years ago
retire-instack-undercloud-1cd802a8cc437f7c.yaml Remove instack-undercloud and --use-heat 3 years ago
return-code-on-predeploy-failure-bd62025646e25433.yaml Fix return code when failing before launching the stack 5 years ago
role-management-commands-fc2f67dd5e81016e.yaml Provide commands for example roles 4 years ago
role-specific-warning-63ce21643d51236c.yaml Added a warning message for the invalid role-specific parameters 4 years ago
roles_file-8adea5990682504d.yaml Align roles file to become a normalized path 3 years ago
run-validations-using-cli-b3f4aa43e9f4eb3e.yaml Add unit tests for running and listing validations from the CLI 3 years ago
scale-params-error-4fa64ae7569ab3f4.yaml Make usage of --*-flavor and --*-count an error 2 years ago
show-capabilities-29e4b6ebf6029ced.yaml Add release notes for my changes in Ocata 5 years ago
simple-raid-f293d2efec3afe1c.yaml Add release notes for my changes in Ocata 5 years ago
skip-deploy-identifier-f7eb0d3ff5126f62.yaml Add --skip-deploy-identifier 5 years ago
skip-ssh-admin-for-config-download-only-442255cc3ac73534.yaml Skip ssh admin workflow with --config-download-only 2 years ago
stop-generating-overcloudrc.v3-65ea476a29cfc4bb.yaml Remove overcloudrc.v3 generation 3 years ago
stop-using-mistral-env-779df7d21b7b3a55.yaml Clean up last mentions of Mistral environments 4 years ago
strict-config-parsing-ded8d4994c8ea363.yaml Add release note for undercloud.conf parsing 1 year ago
support-full-disk-images-8dc84619e8517629.yaml Support whole disk images in TripleO 5 years ago
tag-for-label-28a53e362cbce219.yaml Add --tag-from-label to prepare command 4 years ago
tripleo-container-image-delete-050ab75bb6e7187d.yaml Implement tripleo container image delete command 2 years ago
tripleo-container-image-list-97d38a0e8a899d89.yaml Implement tripleo container image list command 2 years ago
tripleo-container-image-push-0bff071650976f52.yaml Implement tripleo container image push command 2 years ago
tripleo-container-image-show-af7453683ad74182.yaml Implement tripleo container image show command 2 years ago
tripleo-deploy-experimental-7533f9a9ed18a72d.yaml Mark tripleo deploy experimental 3 years ago
tripleo-prepare-d57bbccb2a44e8b2.yaml Implement TripleoImagePrepare command 3 years ago
tripleo_logfile-237209469088b8c5.yaml Leverage log_file option to capture more UC logs 3 years ago
tripleo_validator_cli_refactor-64c298348d405347.yaml TripleO Validator CLI Refactor 2 years ago
tsx-validation-f663a9f14b2aff3d.yaml [train-only] post stack creation tsx validation 4 months ago
undercloud-auth-token-expiration-configuration-6159d733f09e1b6e.yaml Add auth_token_lifetime to undercloud.conf 7 months ago
undercloud-container-prepare-d272bdc30c073b29.yaml Use container_images_file for all image prepare 4 years ago
undercloud-containers-tls-d513bfccb117ab35.yaml Handle user-provided TLS certificate/key for the undercloud 4 years ago
undercloud-deploy-tht-4af4b91774600e8f.yaml Change default output-dir to be $HOME 4 years ago
undercloud-dry-run-30264c62d6d44626.yaml Add --dry-run option to undercloud install 4 years ago
undercloud-ironic-inspector-dnsmasq-classless-static-routes-81ee8af8db74dbfe.yaml Undercloud - ironic inspector - host routes 3 years ago
undercloud-minion-install-6b369d8f5f3d6a89.yaml Add minion installation 2 years ago
undercloud-nameservers-fbfca8af10b3097f.yaml Configure heat DnsServers for undercloud install 4 years ago
undercloud-overcloud-consistent-names-07210c5e1e82ffbc.yaml Allow to override t-h-t 'Cloud*' params undercloud 4 years ago
undercloud-timezone-052a6c1c05e80850.yaml Expose timezone configuration 3 years ago
undercloud_cleanup-e52612bfd2ff4148.yaml Mark upgrade_cleanup option as experimental 3 years ago
undercloud_debug-764ec17aa0653def.yaml containerized/undercloud: disable verbosity by default 4 years ago
unused-param-warning-c5717c129adf543a.yaml Add a warning message for the list of unused parameters 4 years ago
update-converge-916c7682f4d0e9f5.yaml Add `update converge` CLI to remove no-ops 3 years ago
update-in-workflow-f2f88e8daf0533d4.yaml Migrate overcloud update to a mistral workflow 5 years ago
upgrade-always-use-tripleo-admin-53505e9ce380cd4c.yaml Always run upgrades/updates as tripleo-admin 3 years ago
upgrade_prompt-405c4f9fe3b4764c.yaml Prompt before running undercloud/all-in-one upgrades 3 years ago
upgrade_update_prompt-f6ace53f02b62fa0.yaml Add "yes" prompt for update/upgrades commands 1 year ago
upload-cleanup-511b915c83db8a82.yaml Add --cleanup argument for image uploads 3 years ago
upload-only-existing-images-4c84a73dddd6c862.yaml Allow to specify the image type to upload 3 years ago
use_heat_default-366fe9593a72642a.yaml Switch the undercloud to be containerized by default 3 years ago
use_heat_type-d532fd41490f3b1f.yaml Switch --use-heat to take a boolean and deprecate it 3 years ago
validation-from-deployment-97536649daa282d7.yaml Add support for calling validations from deployment 5 years ago
validation-from-introspection-a2c3c3b5bbe0c2fe.yaml Add support for calling validations from introspection 5 years ago
validation_logging_features-a7c096868197c42a.yaml TripleO Validations Logging CLI Introduction 1 year ago
validations-in-workflows-021f93404f3a222e.yaml Call pre-deployment checks in workflows 5 years ago
warn-deprecated-params-29197c5de2feb172.yaml Added a warning log to list the deprecated parameters in the plan 4 years ago
workflow-based-listings-6935d507c40a7e9d.yaml Add workflows-based role listing commands 4 years ago