python utility to manage a tripleo based cloud
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Jenkins 11ad017824 Merge "Add 'overcloud node discover' command" 5 years ago
5.8.0-9f2df7e7dfcfbc42.yaml Don't create swift container if plan creation fails 6 years ago
add-check-for-disable-upgrade-deployment-flag-f074554e47e85b27.yaml Add check for disable_upgrade_deployment flag in roles_data 5 years ago
add-fencing-parameter-generation-c0ae21e0fee4f350.yaml Add overcloud_parameters.GenerateFencingParameters. 6 years ago
bulk-status-missing-50cc60281c6e20f5.yaml Fix 'introspection bulk status' when some nodes were never introspected 6 years ago
capture-environment-status-and-logs-5f7f0f287d8465c5.yaml Add overcloud support report collect command 6 years ago
config_download-5ba7f496b2186b68.yaml Rename download config to config download 5 years ago
container-image-commands-49eaa9c338085844.yaml New command "overcloud container image build" 6 years ago
deploy-overcloud-pre-provisioned-9d55ca9bda6c8a84.yaml Allow overcloud deploy on UC w/o nova/ironic 5 years ago
deploy-undercloud-with-heat-789655d324b2727b.yaml Install prerequisites for undercloud deploy 6 years ago
deprecate-baremetal-commands-d24279b6a7cf97d6.yaml Release note for deprecated baremetal commands 6 years ago
disable-password-generation-84a8be5686a8cf2e.yaml Release note for disabling password generation 6 years ago
fix-fencing-action-parameter-8321d25a23d8ef99.yaml Make fencing action parameter optional. 6 years ago
git-support-for-plans-883d622d2275ba3b.yaml Update plan creation command 6 years ago
handle-failed-actions-cac0abd02ed67a51.yaml Handle failed actions 6 years ago
image-vendor-packages-a0d667e0c7aa1bbd.yaml Remove vendor plugins from image build 6 years ago
invoke-plan-env-workflows-05421b1ee8be4733.yaml Invokes specified workflows in plan env file 5 years ago
ipmi-discovery-aaee9fb7082ffac4.yaml Add 'overcloud node discover' command 6 years ago
modify-os-image-parameter-004b1cc81df2b88e.yaml Modified --os-image option in overcloud image upload 5 years ago
os-cloud-config-b2acae54b4f0baf2.yaml Stop using os-cloud-config 6 years ago
overcloud-credentials-command-f9e8d7439fee02d5.yaml Add a new command to get the overcloudrc files 6 years ago
overcloud-delete-59fea2cd43cc9dd5.yaml Migrate overcloud delete to full workflow 6 years ago
overcloud-deploy-history-4a54b53ac10e6542.yaml create history for the overcloud deploy command 6 years ago
override-plan-env-e3df45a51bda717e.yaml Optional override of the plan environment file 6 years ago
plan-export-command-3fb76c91c77d7b24.yaml Add plan export command 6 years ago
remove-abort-9aa90d73d09507c9.yaml Remove update abort 6 years ago
remove-neutron-dhcp-agents-per-network-1f34e5deeba71cda.yaml Remove calculation for NeutronDhcpAgentsPerNetwork 6 years ago
return-code-on-predeploy-failure-bd62025646e25433.yaml Fix return code when failing before launching the stack 6 years ago
role-management-commands-fc2f67dd5e81016e.yaml Provide commands for example roles 6 years ago
show-capabilities-29e4b6ebf6029ced.yaml Add release notes for my changes in Ocata 6 years ago
simple-raid-f293d2efec3afe1c.yaml Add release notes for my changes in Ocata 6 years ago
skip-deploy-identifier-f7eb0d3ff5126f62.yaml Add --skip-deploy-identifier 6 years ago
stop-using-mistral-env-779df7d21b7b3a55.yaml Clean up last mentions of Mistral environments 6 years ago
support-full-disk-images-8dc84619e8517629.yaml Support whole disk images in TripleO 6 years ago
update-in-workflow-f2f88e8daf0533d4.yaml Migrate overcloud update to a mistral workflow 6 years ago
validation-from-deployment-97536649daa282d7.yaml Add support for calling validations from deployment 6 years ago
validation-from-introspection-a2c3c3b5bbe0c2fe.yaml Add support for calling validations from introspection 6 years ago
validations-in-workflows-021f93404f3a222e.yaml Call pre-deployment checks in workflows 6 years ago
warn-deprecated-params-29197c5de2feb172.yaml Added a warning log to list the deprecated parameters in the plan 5 years ago