python utility to manage a tripleo based cloud
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Zuul 77346a461a Merge "Baremetal deploy - user playbook interface" 4 months ago
config Add enable_neutron and enable_heat 5 months ago
tests Merge "Don't write <stack_name>-passwords.conf" 4 months ago
v1 Merge "Don't allow --config-download-only with --baremetal-deployment" 4 months ago
v2 Baremetal deploy - user playbook interface 4 months ago
workflows Ephemeral Heat: Add a --refresh option to external update run 4 months ago Add ReNo support 5 years ago Use correct default key file and normalize the usage 2 years ago Support using ephemeral Heat 5 months ago Baremetal deploy - user playbook interface 4 months ago Too broad exceptions replaced with altenatives. 5 months ago Ephemeral Heat unit tests 4 months ago
noauth_policy.json Add heat_launcher module to help launch heat-all 5 years ago Update client to create archive and use tripleo-common 8 months ago Fix check_service_vips_migrated_to_service() 4 months ago