python utility to manage a tripleo based cloud
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Brendan Shephard 98839093b8 Tidy up lingering todo's 1 year ago
config Use ephemeral Heat by default 2 years ago
fixture_data Remove cyclic import between export and utils 1 year ago
v1 Tidy up lingering todo's 1 year ago
v2 Merge "Always run growvols playbook after provision" 1 year ago
workflows Fix overcloud node provide 2 years ago Rename rdomanager_oscplugin to tripleoclient 7 years ago Save DefaultPasswords values for undercloud deploy 6 years ago Move FakeFlavor class to 1 year ago Restoration of the 'export_passwords' exclusion 1 year ago Check for the service queue with ephemeral heat 2 years ago Use ansible playbook for creating overcloudrc 3 years ago Update client to create archive and use tripleo-common 2 years ago Merge "Move FakeFlavor class to" 1 year ago