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Add DevStack Logging and Service Names spec

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DevStack Logging and Service Names
`NOTE: This spec is still a work in progress, it is being posted to get some early
feedback on scope and ordering of steps.`
DevStack is in need of updates to its log file handling and service naming, both
of which were appropriate for the originalscreen-based installs with a handful
of services.
This spec contains both the log file reform as well as the service name updates
as they are a bit intertwined so some steps will address them both as necessary.
Problem description
DevStack's logging configuration was initially based on saving ``screen`` logs,
as part of the development of not using ``screen`` the logging was kept compatible
and it became obvious that the original special case was not required.
Historically DevStack has used abbreviated service names for identifying services
to enable, naming log files and as window names in screen. OpenStack has grown
to the point that the abbreviated names are too confusing and non-obvious,
especially for the not-so-recently renamed Neutron.
These topics were covered at the Paris summit, notes in the `OpenStack Etherpad`_.
.. _`OpenStack Etherpad`:
Proposed change
Update DevStack's logging configuration to set a logging directory rather than parsing
that out of a filename. Ultimately eliminate the use of ``SCREEN_LOGDIR``.
* Use ``LOGDIR`` as the primary setting in local.conf for log locations, default to
``${DEST}/logs`` if ``LOGFILENAME`` is not set.
* Continue to use ``LOGFILENAME`` if set, if ``LOGFILE`` is not set continue to set it to
$(dirname ``$LOGFILENAME``).
* Deprecate ``SCREEN_LOGDIR`` and use ``LOGDIR`` instead. For a compatibility period
leave symlinks in the old screen log locations.
* Remove ``screen-`` from the beginning of the service log filenames
* Service log files will implicitly be renamed as the service names change (see above)
Grenade should work seamlessly as it lets both DevStack runs do their thing and
``devstack-gate`` contains all of the specifics that need updating fro Grenade jobs.
Service Names
Use fully-formed names for service names (like ceilometer does today): ``nova-compute``,
``glance-registry``, etc. The names will use the project name, as used in ``devstack/lib/*``
followed by '-' and a descriptive name of the service.
Also allow multiple instances of service names, as in running the fake hypervisor has
a number of ``nova-cpu`` instances. Append an instance counter to the name similar to
how ``n-cpu-N`` is currently handled. Optionally use a ':' as the separator between the
service name and instance number. This will be used in the log file name so it must be
* There needs to be a mapping of the old abbreviated names to the full names to handle
backward compatibility.
* This will make ``ENABLED_SERVICES`` very long by default and harder to scan visually.
Is this a real concern? With the recent forced update to using Bash 4 we could use an
associative array to do the mapping and the enabled list in a single shot.
(Note: We just started doing something in Grenade to handle mapping abbreviated
service names-> processes (
This would help move that logic into DevStack and also help provide other mappings
(ie, service name -> database name))
* Log filenames will change, but there is more on that front (see below).
* Grenade will need to be updated before the backward compatibility can be removed.
Primary assignee:
Work Items
1. Logging: change the log file names in ``SCREEN_LOGDIR`` so the actual files
with the timestamp in the names end with the timestamp::
screen-c-sch.2014-12-10-193405.log becomes screen-c-sch.log.2014-12-10-193405
2. Logging: change ``devstack-gate`` to look for ``*.log``
rather than symlinks to select the log files it copies out of ``screen-logs``.
3. Logging: switch from ``SCREEN_LOGDIR`` to ``LOGDIR`` for log tests. This will
move the log files out of ``SCREEN_LOGDIR`` so leave backward-compatibility
symlinks in the old locations. (This is the reason for #2 as ``devstack-gate``
selects the files top copy by the symlink attribute.)
4. Logging: follow up in ``devstack-gate`` to use LOGDIR directly and copy log files
from there.
5. Logging: after a time, remove the symlinks from ``SCREEN_LOGDIR``.
6. Services: change how multiple instances of services are handled, currently in
``lib/nova start_nova_compute()`` and ``stop_nova_compute()``. If the separator
is changed the config filenames will also change, reconsider if parsing is necessary.
7. Services: build the new service naming structures and compatibility.
8. Services and Logging: switch logging to use the new service names and ensure nothing
gets lost in ``devstack-gate`` copies.
The only dependencies are in the order of changes required in multiple projects.