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@ -302,18 +302,9 @@ information.
For etcd installation, you can refer to
`OpenStack Installation Guide <>`_.
#. Config kubernetes in Qinling. Refer to
`Config Qinling using existing Kubernetes cluster <>`_.
#. Config etcd. In the ``[etcd]`` section of ``/etc/qinling/qinling.conf``,
configure the IP address and port that etcd service is listening on.
.. code-block:: ini
host =
port = 2379
Qinling could also connect with existing kubernetes and etcd services,
`here <>`_
is the guide for the detailed configuration.
Finalize installation

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doc/source/contributor/development-environment-devstack.rst View File

@ -85,13 +85,19 @@ Here are several things you could customize:
* Devstack will set up a new kubernetes cluster and re-use etcd service inside
the cluster for Qinling services, which means you don't need to add etcd to
the enabled services list in the ``local.conf`` file.
* If you already have an existing kubernetes cluster, add
``QINLING_INSTALL_K8S=False`` to the ``local.conf`` file. Go to
* If you already have an existing kubernetes/etcd cluster, add
``QINLING_INSTALL_K8S=False`` to the ``local.conf`` file. You need to
manually config Qinling services after devstack completes, go to
`Config Qinling with existing Kubernetes cluster <>`_
for more details.
* If you want to interact with Qinling in Horizon, add
``enable_plugin qinling-dashboard``
in the ``local.conf`` file.
for more configuration details.
* If you want to interact with Qinling in Horizon dashboard, add the following
line to the ``local.conf`` file.
.. code-block:: console
enable_plugin qinling-dashboard
.. end
Running devstack