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junboli d3fd6c77b6 tests: replace .testr.conf with .stestr.conf
TrivialFix:In the change[1] os_testr changed under the covers
from using testr to stestr, so that we now get the following
   UserWarning: No .stestr.conf file found in the CWD.
   Please create one to to replace the .testr.conf. You
   can find a script to do this in the stestr git repository.
So remove the .testr.conf and add .stestr.conf which was
generated using a utility script as documented here [2].
[1] Id7cb2a39a8308f1413608dcf19273a1d7f33592e

Change-Id: I9fd1dba15e2e8fbb30208f44baea0f9d69ee4b93
6 years ago