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Lingxian Kong 7154c9bd06 Fix the job task failure
Change-Id: Ief9eec6833c0379f9c04fdd4c5440d9984247f79
Closes-Bug: #1726594
2017-10-24 09:57:51 +13:00
Lingxian Kong a7496f4e16 Create trust for functions
When user creates function, qinling will create trust for the function
that can be used when function is invoked. This feature is especially
useful when the function is invoked by a trustee user.

Remove the trust for job accordingly because the job will always use
trust for the function.

Change-Id: I68c608a1f25f1008e13bff33325e7cd9914653ae
2017-10-06 13:57:31 +13:00
Lingxian Kong ac9d477112 Scale down function
This is admin only operation. The load monitoring of function execution
depends on the monitoring solution of underlying orchestrator.

Implements: blueprint qingling-autoscaling
Change-Id: I2eff62a45a718d230b51f18c5a49e0abea5f3164
2017-09-03 23:55:32 +12:00
Lingxian Kong f2189a0468 Fix logs query for executions
After function autoscaling support, it's impossible for qinling-engine
to get execution log because it doesn't know which pod it is talking

So, it's neccessary for the runtime to return execution logs to
qinling engine.

The qinling client is not affected.

Change-Id: I96dfd00cc83d8b8a5e8c601ee3800b1ef1a45b1b
2017-08-29 23:54:30 +12:00
Lingxian Kong eb91b6d6f3 Add unit test for function operations
Partially implements: blueprint add-unit-tests
Change-Id: I00c3c7beca8cda7057f63850026c0f3f0526f5dd
2017-08-22 10:06:33 +12:00
Lingxian Kong d23551c465 Fully support sync/async execution
Change-Id: I008025f710f8d61eb6f8a4998fe6990abdbc7203
2017-07-27 14:26:47 +12:00
Lingxian Kong 49c4c10adb Fix a bug in job periodic task
Change-Id: I4c26e08e3738023b1a7e7e8f0f2c1f59d7e80d79
2017-07-26 17:01:36 +12:00
Lingxian Kong 997c78131e Implement periodic task for jobs
Change-Id: I9093333cc9b1a64b5e386af87db80df5aa4dfb4b
2017-07-26 09:58:46 +12:00
wanghao 94b9d32ae6 Improve config options
Change-Id: I8f73a544333b02a4bc37736d850bf06cc09f8263
2017-07-12 10:53:12 +08:00
Lingxian Kong 75efc2b1ad Add expiry handler for function service
When a package function is executed, a service url is cached so it's
faster when function is executed again. But this will lead to problem
if function is never executed for a long time.

This patch add an expiry machanism which will release resources in
orchestration platform.

Change-Id: I754ebe314d87f6d7c194d9b9c061316f7ba74245
2017-05-22 23:40:17 +12:00