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Lingxian Kong 5baa3f1e45 Add jobs api
This is part-1 of jobs support in Qinling.

With job API, users can create a job with an existing function
that can be ran in cron job's fashion, but the job definition
has more capabilities than cron.

Change-Id: I0cb885dd6005ba024e3816bae9b79b0d3f35d335
6 years ago
Lingxian Kong df32a9f412 Complete basic workflow(Finally!)
- Create runtime
- Create function
- Invoke function(i.e. create execution)
6 years ago
Lingxian Kong 7b6deac2c1 Add runtimes rest api
- Add db layer and db migration support
- Add orchestrator layer, currently only kubernetes supported.
- Now, create/get/delete runtime work fine
6 years ago
Lingxian Kong de9c3e2f7c Add engine service and rpc layer 6 years ago