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Lingxian Kong 35e652f43a Fix job creation with pattern
Change-Id: I0222b853464f6bf3589f11477a0624d72c64a22b
6 years ago
Lingxian Kong 1763f29ce6 Fix log message
Change-Id: If30b192539981003149311c25d776f9a73819beb
6 years ago
Lingxian Kong 16876649e5 Add job update api
By using update api, users could pause/cancel/resume jobs, or change
job execution pattern.

Change-Id: I05103316a91ad79c4d0593c4a02a400aac45a762
6 years ago
Lingxian Kong d23551c465 Fully support sync/async execution
Change-Id: I008025f710f8d61eb6f8a4998fe6990abdbc7203
6 years ago
Lingxian Kong 997c78131e Implement periodic task for jobs
Change-Id: I9093333cc9b1a64b5e386af87db80df5aa4dfb4b
6 years ago
Lingxian Kong 5baa3f1e45 Add jobs api
This is part-1 of jobs support in Qinling.

With job API, users can create a job with an existing function
that can be ran in cron job's fashion, but the job definition
has more capabilities than cron.

Change-Id: I0cb885dd6005ba024e3816bae9b79b0d3f35d335
6 years ago
Lingxian Kong 14789ab0c8 Support docker image as function code
Allow user to create function using her own docker image including
all the code and dependencies inside. The image needs to have an
script running as entry point, expecting user's input as params.

This allow users to execute functions written in any language.
6 years ago
Lingxian Kong b79b2791b8 Add swift object support for function creation
With this patch, users can create function using swift object:

http POST name=swift_function \
  runtime_id=xxx \
  code='{"source": "swift", "swift": {"container": "container_name", "object": "object_name"}}'

Implements: blueprint support-swift-object-as-code
6 years ago
Lingxian Kong df32a9f412 Complete basic workflow(Finally!)
- Create runtime
- Create function
- Invoke function(i.e. create execution)
6 years ago
Lingxian Kong 7b6deac2c1 Add runtimes rest api
- Add db layer and db migration support
- Add orchestrator layer, currently only kubernetes supported.
- Now, create/get/delete runtime work fine
6 years ago
Lingxian Kong de9c3e2f7c Add engine service and rpc layer 6 years ago
Lingxian Kong 9492a02bab Initial API code structure 6 years ago