RETIRED, Function as a Service for OpenStack
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heychirag 43155532c7 Timeout support for api and engine 3 years ago
.placeholder Initial commit for qinling project 5 years ago
enable-mutable-configuration-a0527660fa58532c.yaml Enable oslo_config mutable configurations 3 years ago
function-aliasing-318abd48128b4084.yaml Add release note for function alias 3 years ago
function-timeout-905dc4b064b73fd3.yaml Timeout support for api and engine 3 years ago
function-versioning-6e23fc021c2a7c7e.yaml Add release note for function versioning feature 3 years ago
get-runtime-pool-information-440351400ad7f0b8.yaml Support to get pool information for the runtime 3 years ago
isolate-k8s-pods-617fec5dc5fbd2d8.yaml Add upgrade description to release note 3 years ago
python3-runtime-fca413608da48437.yaml Use python3 runtime in CI 3 years ago
qinling-k8s-apiserver-certs-1651e26de5ca001c.yaml Add missing release note for the k8s certs change 4 years ago
resources-customized-5f5382d40e375dc1.yaml Add release note for customized memory and cpu resources feature 3 years ago
secure-connection-etcd-15c6a6c4ea49c33e.yaml Support TLS connection to etcd 3 years ago
workload-type-support-d613cdb7bb90b2a2.yaml Support to specify workload type for runtime 3 years ago