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Using Qinling with Docker

Docker containers provide an easy way to quickly deploy independent or networked Qinling instances in seconds. This guide describes the process to launch an all-in-one Qinling container.

Docker Installation

The following links contain instructions to install latest Docker software:

Build the Qinling Image Manually

Execute the following command from the repository top-level directory:

docker build -t qinling -f tools/docker/Dockerfile .

The Qinling Docker image has one build parameter:

Running Qinling using Docker Compose

To launch Qinling in the single node configuration:

docker-compose -f tools/docker/docker-compose/infrastructure.yaml \
             -f tools/docker/docker-compose/qinling-single-node.yaml \
             -p qinling up -d

To launch Qinling in the multi node configuration:

docker-compose -f tools/docker/docker-compose/infrastructure.yaml \
             -f tools/docker/docker-compose/qinling-multi-node.yaml \
             -p qinling up -d

The --build option can be used when it is necessary to rebuild the image, for example:

docker-compose -f tools/docker/docker-compose/infrastructure.yaml -f tools/docker/docker-compose/qinling-single-node.yaml -p qinling up -d --build

Running the Qinling client from the Docker Compose container

To run the qinling client against the server in the container using the client present in the container:

docker run -it qinling_qinling1 qinling runtime list

Configuring Qinling

The Docker image contains the minimal set of Qinling configuration parameters by default:

Name Default value Description
MESSAGE_BROKER_URL rabbit://guest:guest@rabbitmq:5672 The message broker URL
DATABASE_URL sqlite:///qinling.db The database URL
UPGRADE_DB false If the UPGRADE_DB equals true, a database upgrade will be launched before Qinling main process
QINLING_SERVER all Specifies which qinling server to start by the launch script.
LOG_DEBUG false If set to true, the logging level will be set to DEBUG instead of the default INFO level.

The /etc/qinling/qinling.conf configuration file can be mounted to the Qinling Docker container by uncommenting and editing the volumes sections in the Qinling docker-compose files.

Using Qinling Client

The Qinling API will be accessible from the host machine on the default port 7070. Install python-qinlingclient on the host machine to execute qinling commands.