58 Commits (0913743b437a0f579635b2c1f8d2ca5ef497883a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andrey Kurilin 0913743b43 [ci] Start fixing CLI job 2 years ago
  Andrey Kurilin b1c84f1058 [ci] Rework launching cli job 3 years ago
  Andrey Kurilin 5822c754ec Put db requirements to extra requirements 3 years ago
  Boris Pavlovic 173319ae42 Remove serverproviders & rarely used deployers 3 years ago
  chenhb-zte 16809b37a7 Add py files in doc directories to pep8 check 3 years ago
  Anton Studenov 4c146445ac [Core] Add support for default platform and rally self job 3 years ago
  Anton Studenov e3dcae4e36 [CI] Add tox self env that do nothing 3 years ago
  Anton Studenov 51e093f92b [CI] Update hacking and fix pep8 errors 3 years ago
  chenhb-zte c7901b4e40 [Bindep]Use bindep lib to install system packages 3 years ago
  Iswarya_Vakati 373b2b8cc8 Use upper-constraints for tox envs 3 years ago
  Andrey Kurilin c81884389b Add timeout for tests execution 3 years ago
  Andrey Kurilin 3a6a8d1b8b Add simple wrapper for pytest 3 years ago
  Boris Pavlovic 75c3984c83 Put in more propriate place test results 4 years ago
  Andrey Kurilin 8e7cfeba68 Skip checking samples in coverage job 4 years ago
  Andrey Kurilin bdedb49fef launch tests in parallel 4 years ago
  Andrey Kurilin 991d5b4abb [requirements] Add helper for managing requirements 4 years ago
  Yatin Kumbhare 7939cde1bc Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv 4 years ago
  Boris Pavlovic 6a147a21f1 Use pytest instead of testr 4 years ago
  Luz 0dd2930d19 Documentation tox fix 4 years ago
  Ondřej Nový 9c958587cb Deprecated tox -downloadcache option removed 4 years ago
  chen-li 57e73b5168 Pass environment variables of proxy to tox 4 years ago
  Andrey Kurilin 9326529aae [Docs] Remove _build directory before main cmd 4 years ago
  LiuNanke 8b5dde60ab Put py34 first in the env order of tox 4 years ago
  janonymous 8d0f8a9091 py33 is no longer supported by Infra's CI 4 years ago
  Roman Vasilets 7cd2b148b3 Drop py26 from tox 4 years ago
  Christian Berendt 0fc26f0491 Use config file for genconfig and update sample config 5 years ago
  Mahito OGURA 41bf1acc38 Change "find" command path in tox.ini 5 years ago
  Andrey Kurilin 993ad34d31 Remove 'pyc' files before running tests 5 years ago
  Andrey Kurilin cdc0c56a01 Set Python2.7 as basepython for testenv 5 years ago
  Swapnil Kulkarni 907b56a2e4 Add E126 pep8 rule 5 years ago
  Boris Pavlovic 4decd8b14a Make coverage job voting 5 years ago
  Prabhjyot Singh Sodhi 6435337f03 Removes from tox.ini flake configuration _ as builtin 5 years ago
  Andrey Kurilin d1f25b2e51 Remove all non-incubated oslo code 5 years ago
  jacobliberman a33b5b4d39 Replace ' with " in rally/benchmark and tests/unit 5 years ago
  Andrey Kurilin 4bffb73331 Fix all py3 related issues 5 years ago
  liyingjun 4bd3c78dea Move files to common lib(Part 2) 5 years ago
  liyingjun c780d25b40 Port to use oslo.i18n 5 years ago
  Sergey Skripnick c81e8a5f8b Reorganize test module structure 5 years ago
  Andrey Kurilin fa714377e6 Add hacking checks 5 years ago
  Monty Taylor 4fc8863bd8 Rename doc environment to docs 6 years ago
  Boris Pavlovic c1edf7e39b Fix failing tests in gates 6 years ago
  Sergey Skripnick a16e20dfad Add basic tools for integration tests 6 years ago
  Sergey Skripnick 77c58df20d Prepare documentation for readthedocs 6 years ago
  Sergey Skripnick 5531f25239 Add command-line integrated tests 6 years ago
  Hugh Saunders 8ddde9701c Sync modules from oslo, excluding db related 6 years ago
  Kun Huang 275261c2f8 ignore build dir in tox.ini 6 years ago
  Maksym Iarmak 2b0bbf084e Rally & Tempest integration (base) - part 1 6 years ago
  Sergey Lukjanov 506cbf5ce7 Sync with global requirements 6 years ago
  Sergey Skripnick 73a9ac0e0e Use hacking import_exceptions for gettextutils._ 6 years ago
  Mikhail Dubov cde7f4f4d3 Rally logging: test engine 6 years ago