Package for testing OpenStack release tools.
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# This is a cross-platform list tracking distribution packages needed by tests;
# see for additional information.
dbus-devel [platform:rpm]
dbus-glib-devel [platform:rpm]
language-pack-en [platform:ubuntu]
libdbus-1-dev [platform:dpkg]
libdbus-glib-1-dev [platform:dpkg]
libffi-dev [platform:dpkg]
libffi-devel [platform:rpm]
libjpeg-dev [platform:dpkg]
libssl-dev [platform:dpkg]
locales [platform:debian]
openssl-devel [platform:rpm]
python-dev [platform:dpkg]
python-devel [platform:rpm]
python-libvirt [platform:dpkg]
python3-all-dev [platform:ubuntu !platform:ubuntu-precise]
python3-dev [platform:dpkg]
python3-devel [platform:fedora]
python3.4 [platform:ubuntu-trusty]
python3.5 [platform:ubuntu-xenial]
python34-devel [platform:centos]
virtual/libffi [platform:gentoo]
python3-yaml [platform:ubuntu]
gnupg [platform:ubuntu]
python-launchpadlib [platform:ubuntu]
git-review [platform:ubuntu]