[networking-ovn] Transition Train to End of Life

This transition the Train branch to End of Life. The last patch of the
branch will be tagged with train-eol tag. The stable/train branch cannot
be used anymore and will be deleted if this patch merges.

This is needed as stable/train is not actively maintained in the recent
period and thus gates are broken due to job failures.

Please try to identify any zuul job, that is defined outside of the
repositories in this patch (for example in openstack-zuul-jobs, etc.)
and won't be used anymore if stable/train is deleted, and propose a job
removal patch for them.

Please +1 if the team is ready for us to proceed with this transition,
or -1 if there are still some activity on the branch and the team wants
to continue to maintain it.

Change-Id: I425a77304b6b1dd70e16ec69e349330d8f6eec11
Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez 4 months ago committed by Rodolfo Alonso
parent d2c8bbcd88
commit c4483d1f46

@ -56,6 +56,10 @@ releases:
- repo: openstack/networking-ovn
hash: bac17378aa8481ed189172722b53d7bc97606f60
- version: train-eol
- repo: openstack/networking-ovn
hash: 65f1e0aa9623500393c671899a5d78a108472e59
- name: stable/train