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Andrey Kurilin c3d7c85484 Release rally-openstack 2.2.0 19 hours ago
Zuul 4d4ed2ba56 Merge "release oslo.context for xena and wallaby" 1 day ago
Hervé Beraud 433d094ae4 release oslo.context for xena and wallaby 5 days ago
Michal Nasiadka 3036423cc1 Add stable/xena for Kayobe 4 days ago
Zuul 305648e93b Merge "release oslo independent deliverables" 5 days ago
Zuul 710187e4d8 Merge "[yoga] release oslo deliverables" 5 days ago
Zuul fcdb1f5b55 Merge "python-muranoclient 2.4.0" 6 days ago
Zuul e1d84bf6b5 Merge "Create releases for tripleo releated projects" 1 week ago
Hervé Beraud 108b4038ff [yoga] release oslo deliverables 1 week ago
Hervé Beraud b88e70d8bf release oslo independent deliverables 1 week ago
Zuul 3225dce7f2 Merge "Release python-ironicclient-4.9.0" 1 week ago
Zuul bc2b4d9838 Merge "[ironic] Switch other projects to CWI" 1 week ago
Zuul 02330587ca Merge "release stevedore 3.5.0" 1 week ago
Zuul 10fcc50a91 Merge "Release python-ironicclient-4.8.1" 1 week ago
Hervé Beraud bf285c2bef release stevedore 3.5.0 2 weeks ago
Chandan Kumar (raukadah) 19a442453f Release python-ironicclient-4.9.0 2 weeks ago
Stephen Finucane ccd4d9efef python-muranoclient 2.4.0 2 weeks ago
Hervé Beraud 8c31050b13 release oslo.vmware 3.10.0 2 weeks ago
Zuul c4b9815fd3 Merge "Create 'stable/xena' for Kolla and Kolla-Ansible" 2 weeks ago
Iury Gregory Melo Ferreira 5568f11f64 [ironic] Switch other projects to CWI 2 weeks ago
Alex Schultz 835a269864 Create releases for tripleo releated projects 2 weeks ago
Steve Baker 521ba44c3f Release python-ironicclient-4.8.1 2 weeks ago
Zuul 85862bb9b6 Merge "Update EM transition date of Victoria and Xena" 2 weeks ago
Zuul c35174a791 Merge "Add a warning about trailing deliverables" 2 weeks ago
Michal Nasiadka 74cb5c2abb Create 'stable/xena' for Kolla and Kolla-Ansible 2 weeks ago
Hervé Beraud 5b866de043 Add a warning about trailing deliverables 3 weeks ago
Zuul 97528f5218 Merge "Update release and branch to Wallaby for tripleo-upgrade." 2 weeks ago
Zuul 6797a4bf37 Merge "Add Cinder-specific dates for Yoga schedule" 2 weeks ago
Nurmatov Mamatisa 430917b927 Release neutron-lib 2.16.0 2 weeks ago
Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez 3c338c0f92 Release os-ken 2.2.0 3 weeks ago
Zuul b8ca5fa3bd Merge "Add Yoga deliverable files" 2 weeks ago
Előd Illés 5cf7cae2a7 Update EM transition date of Victoria and Xena 3 weeks ago
Előd Illés 33900ec884 Add Yoga deliverable files 3 weeks ago
Zuul d071580e2b Merge "Release reno 3.5.0" 3 weeks ago
Zuul 1af3293bbf Merge "nova: Release Ussuri 21.2.3" 3 weeks ago
Zuul 63bad70644 Merge "nova: Release Victoria 22.3.0" 3 weeks ago
Zuul cbeab545de Merge "nova: Release Wallaby 23.1.0" 3 weeks ago
Zuul 13b41c9ec2 Merge "Release ironic 17.0.4 for Wallaby" 3 weeks ago
Zuul a3e86c35b8 Merge "Release python-ironicclient 4.6.3 for Wallaby" 3 weeks ago
Zuul ad386f8513 Merge "Puppet OpenStack Xena RC1" 3 weeks ago
Zuul 272c6cb5f7 Merge "Mark Xena as released" 3 weeks ago
Hervé Beraud fdbf23bf53 Mark Xena as released 3 weeks ago
Zuul 3db4fcb4ee Merge "Xena final releases for cycle-with-rc projects" 3 weeks ago
Hervé Beraud bf44efa2ee add missing release notes 3 weeks ago
Brian Rosmaita 8bf058f32c Add Cinder-specific dates for Yoga schedule 3 weeks ago
Julia Kreger 2473833104 Release ironic 17.0.4 for Wallaby 3 weeks ago
Julia Kreger e091d4e4b6 Release python-ironicclient 4.6.3 for Wallaby 3 weeks ago
Hervé Beraud 92c38ef599 Xena final releases for cycle-with-rc projects 3 weeks ago
Takashi Kajinami 1f89f773e6 Release Heat Xena RC2 3 weeks ago
Zuul ee5fd4703c Merge "[vpnaas] Transition stein, rocky, queens, pike to EOL" 3 weeks ago