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Vu Cong Tuan 9580e50be7 Switch to stestr
According to Openstack summit session [1],
stestr is maintained project to which all Openstack projects should migrate.
Let's switch to stestr as other projects have already moved to it.


Change-Id: Ifbcb65237598b99224768a47c18b30473c2eaa3e
2018-07-10 10:38:33 +07:00
Doug Hellmann a12d59edd1 add a script to examine the gerrit acls for issues
This is based on mnaser's work in

Change-Id: Ie6f94db0dce2f5331c3d21a1192533ffc648329b
Signed-off-by: Doug Hellmann <>
2018-02-23 11:52:07 -05:00
Doug Hellmann 14e3d6e749 script to report on unreleased changes of deliverables with no releases
The script creates a separate output file for each team because
combining all of the data into one makes it to big to post on a

Change-Id: Ie5bfb0df225378e658ebb3c5d57d55d0dff7aca6
Signed-off-by: Doug Hellmann <>
2017-02-08 17:44:26 -05:00
Doug Hellmann f58b6b7eb9 set up for unit tests
Set up commands to run to execute new unit tests.

Ignore output from testr and coverage.

Rename the dist to match the package name so that the testr/coverage
integration works properly.

Add test-requirements.txt with some common testing dependencies.

Change-Id: Ic6f34df893f3981a9af6122456b9feb9c80b31dd
Signed-off-by: Doug Hellmann <>
2016-11-28 12:47:17 +11:00
Doug Hellmann a65d9f5c3d add team pages
Add pages to show the work each team has produced. For now, only
official teams using cycle-based release models are included. In a later
phase we will add deliverables that are currently listed as indepdent.

Change-Id: Ieb54aa7a4d2f58f462692e295c8f19978d5baa73
Signed-off-by: Doug Hellmann <>
2016-05-13 10:57:44 -04:00
Monty Taylor 3a13566128 Ignore .pyc files in .gitignore
Change-Id: Ib5aa577241ddce1dac1ea09b4c70dab0262f5891
2015-11-05 11:44:51 -05:00
Robert Collins 0c51aec203 Ignore backup files.
Change-Id: Ibcee49a1be63612a2c93fd86060dfb39b3c195cb
2015-10-08 09:55:00 +13:00
Doug Hellmann ae42958f37 set up sphinx build
Change-Id: Id72771e6cf9a8150d19634d36320d30a282eb565
2015-08-21 17:59:00 +00:00
Doug Hellmann 37303f87de tox setup
Change-Id: I8275843775b83511a8373997fa2eb054e236316e
2015-07-02 16:11:19 +00:00