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Thierry Carrez 2fbc89387d Move release team ladder & infra into proper page
The release team involvement ladder and infrastructure primer were
hard to find in CONTRIBUTING.rst. It's better to move them next to
the rest of the team documentation.

Change-Id: I3859ce431711cef5176a3ea34b9433bd06d51447
2021-07-22 15:31:25 +02:00
Thierry Carrez 6f0dc28878 Document tag pipeline jobs in contributor doc
While debugging a release failure this morning I realized that
the magic job diagram was missing the release notes publication
jobs that are in the "tag" pipeline.

Change-Id: I2879de0df530ccf96ac4be61c42ce07472399b4e
2019-06-06 12:10:45 +02:00
Thierry Carrez 9536edb1fc Base ladder content for CONTRIBUTING.rst
Post base ladder content in our CONTRIBUTING.rst file,
a baby step in getting more people involved with release

Change-Id: Ic20fb20870bdae2cae126f316c9bd0fb2487d0a1
2018-03-22 16:10:28 +01:00
Andreas Jaeger 511086a92f Use https for (1/7)
We switched to https for, adjust most URLs.

This change updates documentation etc files, but not any deliverable files.

Change-Id: Ia8b0524025ab1c685ec6f57246f8b34231f52632
2017-04-30 18:01:36 +02:00
Doug Hellmann 8c45dc8dcb Add README file
Add README and CONTRIBUTING files to start setting up this repository.

Change-Id: I6625630d05083b21e041bab0ce81af22b91fb8e7
2015-07-02 16:11:36 +00:00