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Előd Illés 2daad35d62 Mark 2023.2 Bobcat as released
Change-Id: Ie557a6b9addde8a0a1776991984c24a8852bec9f
2023-10-04 09:39:06 +02:00
Zuul 764e78e1ca Merge "Add SLURP marker to Caracal" 2023-09-28 10:15:43 +00:00
Előd Illés b8d26a76bc Add SLURP marker to Caracal this was missed when 2024.1 Caracal was added to series status.

Change-Id: I3cef5f55572108b2b5b5e816ef8dc47871828c74
2023-09-05 10:40:17 +02:00
Michal Nasiadka b4529194af magnum: add Michal Nasiadka and Dale Smith as liaisons
Change-Id: Ib1c815a530249a4ceb37cb1171ba4db37f5212b1
2023-08-30 09:27:26 +02:00
Előd Illés eba593a32c Set Rocky series state as End of Life
Rocky was proposed to transition to End of Life [1] and since all of
the projects have EOL'd their stable/rocky branches, we are ready to
set Rocky status to EOL on release page.


Change-Id: I3ca32b9d1acc3245ed3975580127bf8dfb10a343
2023-08-16 20:37:48 +02:00
Zuul c9685fc84d Merge "OpenStack 2024.1 Caracal release schedule" 2023-08-11 14:19:25 +00:00
Thierry Carrez adffab404a OpenStack 2024.1 Caracal release schedule
Here is the proposed release schedule for OpenStack 2024.1 "Caracal".

This is a 26-week cycle with a final release date on April 3, 2024.
It has a longer milestone-2 period to accomodate Thanksgiving and
end-of-year holidays.

Also fix an issue in Bobcat release schedule where Antelope cycle-trailing
deliverables were mentioned as Bobcat cycle-trailing deliverables.

Change-Id: I0fb0e61e79e7e4c51d42cabd7c05bb15a05275fa
2023-07-21 14:24:55 +02:00
Zuul d055393300 Merge "Mark winstacker project deliverables retired" 2023-07-03 19:52:32 +00:00
Ghanshyam Mann bd813bcf23 Mark winstacker project deliverables retired
Winstacker project is retiring and this change
mark their deliverables as retired in release repo.


Change-Id: I54d6cc804cf995e8c2ff26ac4791232df71dbabb
2023-06-28 19:31:09 -05:00
Michal Nasiadka 9b20fc8aa7 kolla: Add Bartosz Bezak as release liaison
Change-Id: I018ef5979b7a290118cd00830c0b8db00d053587
2023-06-26 12:45:02 +02:00
Előd Illés 37a993c3cb Set Xena status to Extended Maintenance
Project's last releases in Xena have been tagged with xena-em.
Now indicate that Xena is in Extended Maintenance phase also at

Transition date is April 20th, 2023.

Change-Id: I346b0e1eaeda37381413da9abc11e2441f0fcce4
2023-04-21 19:36:07 +02:00
Előd Illés d326f313df Mark 2023.1 Antelope as released
Change-Id: I4c72f914cecbae842025cf1831351145d5ddf25c
2023-03-22 09:49:59 +01:00
Zuul 1a25bf0d07 Merge "Add Axel as release liaison" 2023-03-10 09:01:53 +00:00
Előd Illés 964356d0b0 Add Axel as release liaison
Axel stepped up as DPTL to mistral team. Renat is mostly inactive, so
let's replace him with Axel. Adding Axel's email address that is used
in gerrit, so that our PTL-Approved flag can be triggered by his

Change-Id: I109a254ab8b0d602b6ac53e780378a2477915b25
2023-03-09 16:41:54 +01:00
Sylvain Bauza cc23627200 Update Nova release liaisons
Sean wanted to stop being the release liaison so eventually René and Amit
agreed on helping.
Amit will be the main liaison for stable branches while René will be helping
for libraries, placement and master branch of the nova repo.

Change-Id: I4d43469582d9745111105caf63d6709f02725e1b
2023-03-09 12:04:46 +01:00
Zuul f3eec8c36c Merge "[neutron] New Neutron release liaison: Slawomir Kaplonski" 2023-03-01 13:16:21 +00:00
Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez 72d6f7198f [neutron] New Neutron release liaison: Slawomir Kaplonski
This patch is dropping Akihiro Motoki as release liaison and adding
Slawomir Kaplonski.

Change-Id: I4d5423d0ed456aa06ed62768d0862ee9203320d5
2023-02-28 14:49:35 +00:00
Dmitry Tantsur 318f61a0e9 Remove me from the ironic and openstacksdk release liaisons
My focus has substantially shifted nowadays, and while I'm trying my
best with normal reviews, I cannot also keep an eye on releases.

Ironic has two very capable people to support the PTL.
I suggest Artem picks a new person for the SDK (sorry!).

Change-Id: I94aaa6855482cbe39b2500edc6830c344b480e0e
2023-02-27 12:04:10 +01:00
Előd Illés 56a1a959a7 Adjust Yoga EM deadline with 2023.2 Bobcat release
The originally planned Extended Maintenance transition deadline for
Yoga is just before the planned 2023.2 Bobcat release date.
Let's set a more convenient, less busy period: 4 weeks after the
release, so that project teams will have time to prepare their
stable/yoga branch to transition.

Change-Id: I6b91da5ccb9a47273874b7d5335f37c019c7f8b1
2023-01-27 19:29:23 +01:00
Előd Illés 2be5894b74 Add release-id (2023.2) to Bobcat release
Change-Id: I98843469434acdd3b7ebf9a6ec6e682a6f491438
2023-01-27 19:28:22 +01:00
Zuul e1d9ef7e83 Merge "Proposed 2023.2 Bobcat release schedule" 2023-01-27 14:21:04 +00:00
Zuul e288648b96 Merge "Adjust Xena EM deadline with 2023.1 Antelope release" 2023-01-26 12:54:34 +00:00
Zuul e55b531bcd Merge "Set Queens series state as End of Life" 2023-01-24 10:04:02 +00:00
Elod Illes b71ab63a4b Adjust Xena EM deadline with 2023.1 Antelope release
The originally planned Extended Maintenance transition deadline for
Xena is too close to the PTG and the 2023.1 Antelope release.
Let's set a more convenient, less busy period: ~1 month after the

Change-Id: Id738e92130b6bb7a6e6b92a2c358bcc144b5fe87
2023-01-23 13:58:16 +01:00
Elod Illes 075bd5f696 Set Queens series state as End of Life
Queens was proposed to transition to End of Life [1] and since all of
the projects have EOL'd their stable/queens branches, we are ready to
set Queens status to EOL on release page.


Change-Id: If89acb63e9519d8d3d5732c1b494ad9383f72f35
2023-01-17 19:40:37 +01:00
Előd Illés 2b8ee3aaec Fix upper-constraints redirect for new release naming
The new release identification / naming schema [1] (like:
2023.1 Antelope) broke the redirection rules for branch specific upper
constraint files as the stable branch names are from now on based on
the new release identification (like: stable/2023.1).

This patch fixes the redirections by introducing the release ID field
to series status, to translate a release name to 'stable/<release-id>'
where this ID exists.


Change-Id: Iab885d4e36f64903b323e16c74d8315c759584de
2023-01-14 10:29:27 +01:00
Thierry Carrez 41891030e4 Proposed 2023.2 Bobcat release schedule
This is a proposed release schedule for OpenStack 2023.2 "Bobcat",
with a total duration of 28 weeks.

Change-Id: I74f77cadd76ea887d8aa5b79251615c78d46aa1a
2023-01-12 14:12:26 +01:00
Előd Illés 3306e86b98 Add SLURP mark for Releases page template
This patch adds to the Releases page template the possibility to
indicate whether a release is a SLURP release.

Change-Id: Ie0dcddfe271e8fd77a6d40fa54c8ef2ee6914b78
2022-12-02 11:46:43 +01:00
Zuul ef07a59205 Merge "Set Wallaby status to Extended Maintenance" 2022-11-25 16:36:15 +00:00
Dr. Jens Harbott d5c201c688 Update release liaison for kolla project
Sadly Radoslaw has had to severely reduce upstream contributions, so I
am volunteering to replace him as contact for the kolla project.

Change-Id: I2058571415ddd108141cd47761268b9b0211ff42
2022-11-08 13:31:58 +01:00
Előd Illés 4eff323c1b Set Wallaby status to Extended Maintenance
Project's last releases in Wallaby have been tagged with wallaby-em.
Now indicate that Wallaby is in Extended Maintenance phase also at

Transition date is November 2nd, 2022.

Change-Id: Ib27a507a0bf47881bff842bfb9185dd6aee837e2
2022-10-21 19:58:32 +02:00
Előd Illés 9443ccc8e5 Remove or replace non-existent email addresses
Change-Id: I11ec6adca19630810bd4c733bdabdc452db3eb5b
2022-10-17 13:50:57 +02:00
Előd Illés 635cbfe76a Set Pike series state as End of Life
Pike transitioned to End of Life [1]. This patch sets the status to EOL
on release page.


Change-Id: I42cf28367e6791ad5e78104b8fa85763eb802e82
2022-10-13 11:12:31 +02:00
Ade Lee ed43d73f24 Add Ade Lee as release liaison for Barbican
Add me as a release liaison for barbican as a
backup for Doug.

Change-Id: I2172ef413b0bfffb467a1f8a7c0cd426c47a7259
2022-10-06 14:07:00 +02:00
Zuul 18f8f206c0 Merge "Update Barbican release liaison" 2022-10-06 09:23:10 +00:00
Douglas Mendizábal 17ac763d58 Update Barbican release liaison
This patch updates the Barbican Team release liaison to remove Dave
McCowan and add Douglas Mendizábal instead.

Dave was an awesome contributor to Barbican, but has unfortunately moved
on to other projects and is no longer contributing to OpenStack.

Change-Id: Iedb0e5d814ea47d07be81803ef3cdbea4731229e
2022-10-03 16:26:54 -04:00
Előd Illés 63433942e0 Mark Zed as released
Change-Id: I65d51978ab978b66d6d67c5c323b29dc59c62de8
2022-10-03 11:46:04 +00:00
silvacarloss 4980559a5a Update Manila liaisons list
Remove Tom Barron from the release liaison list for Manila.

Change-Id: Ibf60e5609506890e9d655ed10c547971fc04eb2a
2022-09-12 15:32:25 -03:00
Zuul 95a132d549 Merge "Add release liaison for Skyline project" 2022-09-08 11:40:38 +00:00
Boxiang Zhu e44e7e4abc Add release liaison for Skyline project
Change-Id: I39f65f7ec40d22fcba7b8cd514e62311e999e1f6
2022-09-07 07:08:30 +00:00
Pranali Deore 72d867e700 Add release liaison for Glance project
Change-Id: Ie616e4f26da4c5042a75f95fe8354356df3662cc
2022-09-05 05:31:13 +00:00
Zuul fe6c6be845 Merge "Proposed release schedule for 2023.1 Antelope (24w)" 2022-09-02 15:14:51 +00:00
Zuul c07869f4c5 Merge "Changed Cyborg release liaisons for new PTL" 2022-09-01 09:47:12 +00:00
zhangbailin 57e220c3d2 Add release liaison for Venus project
Change-Id: Iade125bc11080f830b878c754795621b57b60ed2
2022-08-29 14:49:17 +08:00
zhangbailin 08478cb524 Changed Cyborg release liaisons for new PTL
Change-Id: I57e2902d11d84d64a04cb0dd2c43fac02009fff6
2022-08-29 14:31:29 +08:00
Előd Illés e5d2aa0a07 Proposed release schedule for 2023.1 Antelope (24w)
This is a 24 week schedule for the Antelope release
Planned release date is 22 March, 2023.

Change-Id: Ib1ed4019b9bc6a536db61902f27d55d6c8f49d3b
2022-08-22 19:01:09 +02:00
Előd Illés e9c0be1134 Fixing Marios email address
Marios is using the newly set email address on gerrit, thus that is
needed for our tools to accept his approval.

Change-Id: I7b23f64caba852eb7e28611da8a200753499cab3
2022-08-01 11:03:23 +02:00
Zuul f24d878fc1 Merge "Adjust Wallaby EM deadline with Zed release" 2022-07-08 14:46:23 +00:00
Előd Illés fb49f6eae6 Adjust Wallaby EM deadline with Zed release
The originally planned Extended Maintenance transition deadline for
Wallaby is too close to Zed release (1 week after the release), so
let's move it to a quiet period: 4 weeks after the release & 2 weeks
after the PTG.

Change-Id: Id75d6dda2fc87ed042cfb2cda21fd52dad286d3d
2022-06-23 11:17:24 +02:00
Michal Nasiadka e390bb5e1e kolla: Add yoctozepto as release liaison
Change-Id: Ib2648e597bb3759b6814e4f95622cffc2b62f87e
2022-06-06 21:22:49 +02:00