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Sean McGinnis dfcd2ddf13 Add repo settings and remove highlights for Icehouse
We've deprecated per-release highlights and are now removing them.
We also now require repository-settings for deliverables. This adds
the one and removes the other.

Change-Id: I22fac9d5ebd68364d3035f32f8f3798d1cd072d4
2018-02-23 08:45:02 -06:00
Doug Hellmann 2fbb00c35b fix schema validation issues for icehouse
This change was generated with:

sed -i -e 's|version: \(.*\)|version: "\1"|g' deliverables/*/*.yaml

Change-Id: I2374e46ac5b7091fdcf20127043894e8b6b8ec8a
Signed-off-by: Doug Hellmann <>
2018-02-21 16:23:11 -05:00
Doug Hellmann 179200c02f remove send-announcements-to from closed series
We no longer use the send-announcements-to field for anything.

Change-Id: I605b86261e13e13f017264992090c5f726e3e605
Signed-off-by: Doug Hellmann <>
2017-06-06 10:16:36 -04:00
Doug Hellmann 06f135c073 add release model and deliverable type (i)
Change-Id: Iaa963fc8cd5db33539a58706a1084c150c2fe82b
Signed-off-by: Doug Hellmann <>
2016-11-09 17:09:02 -05:00
Doug Hellmann 5bde17f999 add team field for icehouse deliverables
updating these old deliverable files also required fixing them to pass
the modern validation tests

Change-Id: Icb088f1b50f997903a6b5ce0d1a62dae644cc964
Signed-off-by: Doug Hellmann <>
2016-06-09 14:34:21 -04:00
Doug Hellmann 2382b08607 Add old deliverable files
Add deliverable files for existing releases, including the script used
to generate them from launchpad and git data. This data is known to be
incomplete, and is meant as a starting point for reconstructing the full

The output from running the script [1] shows that many projects we
expected to treat as deliverables do not yet have a launchpad page.


Change-Id: I1a64c8b6b99ec575c00c1ebad93a5f6dc70c9718
2015-07-14 20:59:27 +00:00