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Sylvain Bauza 2f5fb00f58 Fix Launchpad ID for Nikolay Starodubtsev
Nikolay is one of our core reviewers but his launchpad id is
incorrect here, so he is not appearing as core in the stats.

Change-Id: I829233a101507272d6d4a73ff9ec2564421122b7
2014-02-12 23:05:25 -07:00
Jenkins a297d4b0e7 Merge "Update the Ironic core team list" 2014-02-13 05:21:07 +00:00
James E. Blair 5c5bdf1137 Add new infra projects
The minor reordering is to match what is returned by gerrit from

Change-Id: Ia0b7f8af82814058d1aeed28197bdf81ebe7b747
2014-02-12 17:36:04 -08:00
James E. Blair 214c464bbf Add Sergey Lukjanov to infra-core
Change-Id: Ie7fc10f6024b90675e92d15fd4fd3a6b8c5e81ef
2014-02-12 17:32:19 -08:00
Devananda van der Veen 832e166444 Update the Ironic core team list
Update the Ironic core team list.

Sean and Mikal were removed a while back, but I forgot to update this
list. Roman and Max were added last week.

Change-Id: I54858324b46dcbb69a259391c4cbc6b8a0c942e5
2014-02-12 17:22:01 -08:00
Jeremy Stanley 178de05b15 Remove tox locale overrides
* tox.ini: The LANG, LANGUAGE and LC_ALL environment overrides were
introduced originally during the testr migration in an attempt to be
conservative about the possibility that locale settings in the
calling environment could cause consistency problems for test runs.
In actuality, this should be unnecessary and any place where it does
cause issues ought to be considered an actual bug. Also, having
these in the configuration actively causes older pip to have
problems with non-ASCII content in some package metadata files under
Python 3, so drop it now.

Change-Id: Ib3618dce34ce25fdf9051d1de6c4a1dbb7750fe9
Closes-Bug: #1277495
2014-02-10 03:03:04 +00:00
Russell Bryant 427384a7f5 Show 15 oldest in single project results
Change-Id: I75fcae315a682b1c4b11259c56d4ad4881ec3163
2014-02-09 18:13:50 -05:00
Jenkins 6f4f655c03 Merge "Fix list of core members due to Climate core team clean-up" 2014-02-05 17:59:48 +00:00
Noorul Islam K M 6c8025e802 Update solum core-team
Change-Id: Ic01f4b9697b2f387fb47242d6d52f19d2b2c036e
2014-02-05 16:06:51 +05:30
Dina Belova 7f23fc426f Fix list of core members due to Climate core team clean-up
Change-Id: Ic9e9a5b7b1032dbfb100ec3ea58179b55b84ca13
2014-02-05 13:46:03 +04:00
Jenkins 8956b7705a Merge "Add mistral with subprojects" 2014-01-30 14:48:18 +00:00
Jenkins a14838c09a Merge "Add murano with all subprojects" 2014-01-28 20:24:03 +00:00
Jenkins d5cb6a988c Merge "Don't blow up on an empty core team list" 2014-01-28 20:23:47 +00:00
Sergey Lukjanov e0e73286b6 Add murano with all subprojects
Currently Murano project doesn't have well-formed core team, this stats
will help folks to build it.

Change-Id: I442b054913b2370c33d20c6f4c51b7a81ba94874
2014-01-28 15:09:12 -05:00
Russell Bryant 2d8b51d3a2 Don't blow up on an empty core team list
Change-Id: Ie75315a95b6be6e4efd6106f40eff83e303ed936
2014-01-28 15:09:12 -05:00
Sergey Lukjanov 5f3f70b483 Add mistral with subprojects
Change-Id: I43d264b83ed2fe4f776b6c099c8be0bbbc48b3fa
2014-01-28 22:11:47 +04:00
Sergey Lukjanov e35ae23bd8 Add missed climate repos
Change-Id: I8e2cf7e6b4bcb6293790001b1099c09495244647
2014-01-28 21:57:50 +04:00
Eric Harney 7a56a3089f Update Cinder core list
Add jsbryant,members

Change-Id: I93625f91019c9e9b2ffebf855d4d1e52874d04da
2014-01-27 16:12:31 -05:00
Ruslan Kamaldinov a06c7881ad Update Storyboard
* Added storyboard-webclient to the project group.
* Added krotscheck to core reviewers list
* Renamed 'monty' to 'mordred'

Change-Id: Ia5c16c50c999741fc26989ae2025e33d8bac6e73
2014-01-26 03:09:59 +04:00
Dolph Mathews 7b882065be update keystone-core membership

Change-Id: I03b526b85de30ab981a55c3d71e2963b8ae78099
2014-01-24 11:42:58 -06:00
Jenkins f722aca5cd Merge "Add --csv-rows option" 2014-01-17 14:42:32 +00:00
amcrn 5791f518b8 Update Trove Core Membership List
change amcrn to amcreynolds (mistake on my part)

Change-Id: I70ea2ec8a973f3727961601798f0f3c6e69e4b69
2014-01-13 10:47:18 -08:00
Jenkins 4d536f9943 Merge "Update Trove Core" 2014-01-09 15:59:04 +00:00
amcrn 3fe111435d Update Trove Core
add amcrn to trove core list

Change-Id: Ib211c989443f2c195ae241ff314c8ce02476f704
2014-01-08 17:20:45 -08:00
Zane Bitter 7d75396252 Add Bartosz Gorski to heat-core

Change-Id: I5fa41541b2c98e3ac0bc7898f26de4d306d916bc
2014-01-08 17:47:03 -05:00
Zane Bitter 04204ae298 Reformat heat.json
Change-Id: I4ed8e7445455f1ff52d559d2660bc81e8b5fcbc2
2014-01-08 17:45:56 -05:00
David Lyle 4f9e386355 Updating horizon core
Change-Id: I62f669c850e905292a5fb5268f31e057082d901d
2014-01-03 11:27:03 -07:00
Russell Bryant b63d74c6dd Add the gantt repo to the nova (compute) stats
Change-Id: Iae0088278f8cb2becc4d3dcc1ddba5c01dbdb51b
2014-01-03 11:19:08 -05:00
John Dickinson fcb1c53ee0 add swift-bench
Change-Id: Ibefb43cebfaf04d990aa95ab62a1b0cd1f9e9f4c
2013-12-16 22:41:26 -08:00
Russell Bryant 617b8f5ea2 Add --csv-rows option
Add an option to include only --csv-rows <rows> number of rows in the
CSV output.

Change-Id: Ib6d8bf20561b42afef119533b571d7f1f32739a9
2013-12-16 11:27:22 -05:00
Jenkins 3fa41ac470 Merge "Add repo openstack-doc-tools" 2013-12-16 14:45:39 +00:00
Andreas Jaeger f53479f733 Add repo openstack-doc-tools
openstack-doc-tools is use by the OpenStack documentation team
and should be include in the stats.

Change-Id: I3a5ec67d75c6d61d83694aeef1cc7f2a6bab3451
2013-12-15 10:15:28 +01:00
Robert Collins 87af0d81c5 Ghe is tripleo-core now.
Change-Id: Iaf3746f90ef5783d8cdf1cdab795590d93aa638b
2013-12-13 20:13:56 +13:00
Robert Collins 017d1012d6 Pin Sphinx.
Infra advise that 1.2 is bust.

Change-Id: Idd86c1c68c02c06db8a35d2e89f966a8261e8b1e
2013-12-13 20:13:56 +13:00
Robert Collins 046cb6f7b3 Add a bug statistics tool.
This is a first draft at a timeseries generator to extract an overview
of bug activity in Launchpad. I'm entirely sure that this can be
improved, mainly I wanted it up before the Nova meeting.

Change-Id: I887db503b8a0ce274f3819d90877ef14f13cbeff
2013-12-06 08:13:37 +13:00
Jenkins c58961b9c3 Merge "Use six to handle cpickle." 2013-12-05 14:22:50 +00:00
Jenkins d26fed1efc Merge "Remove text blobs from CSV output" 2013-12-05 03:14:27 +00:00
Robert Collins a5d7a33a97 Use six to handle cpickle.
This was the only (AFAICT) local Python3 issue.

Change-Id: I3c2cff23d924301dc43e48e3982fb8d8938da6c0
2013-12-05 03:09:28 +00:00
Jenkins 260e2c8846 Merge "update swift core" 2013-12-05 00:01:32 +00:00
Jenkins a4729c4305 Merge "Fix CSV output" 2013-12-05 00:01:31 +00:00
Jenkins b23928504d Merge "Remove arata and devananda from TripleO core." 2013-12-04 23:56:27 +00:00
Russell Bryant a5c3683f15 Remove text blobs from CSV output
Only output the descriptive text in the plain text writer, and not the
CSV writer.  This should make the CSV output more usable by something
wanting to automatically import it.

Change-Id: I56ccc4bdaa90069e81608f8f08ce1fd149de141e
2013-12-04 17:51:56 -05:00
Russell Bryant 7ad92d8088 Fix CSV output
A previous commit that removed the 'received reviews' from the default
output totally broke CSV output.  This gets it working again.

Change-Id: I76775c496b5b450332f0e8f9d6fa4f7383ffc630
2013-12-04 17:41:23 -05:00
John Dickinson 1270b13ba5 update swift core
Change-Id: If5126534c4cd65f091950e772e43fe2af1172731
2013-12-04 11:23:08 -08:00
Robert Collins ac730925cb Remove arata and devananda from TripleO core.
This was decided on last month, I failed to update the bookkeeping

Change-Id: I69f196e09c8e36ab8a00175a907a726b7dc87902
2013-12-05 08:00:45 +13:00
Russell Bryant 3f6e977d87 Fix pep8 tests
We're now gating on pep8, so make it pass.  This removes a couple of
unused imports and fixes a typo in the CSV output code in the reviewers

Change-Id: If77a18497b0efb48f59c10c0e4f5e8b3a8db5a7d
2013-12-04 11:26:16 -05:00
Russell Bryant 710d884bf3 Add barbican.json project file
Change-Id: I0f6b3cd986a9bc5c5b0199069a253b93ee5ed60f
2013-12-02 11:37:14 -05:00
Jenkins f470c1284b Merge "E128 really isn't sane." 2013-12-02 13:10:51 +00:00
Russell Bryant 1416f45759 Fix count of reviewers
The list of reviewers in the code actually includes people that didn't
do any reviews, but received them.  Since tracking received reviews,
this value became inaccurate.

Change-Id: I04c0793823e1371e5b2215c092c8bed4e7ce118f
2013-11-28 08:59:48 -05:00
Robert Collins 4e4e5cb094 E128 really isn't sane.
Change-Id: If8492fdc61a756f2c39b3b560e8b7c174d755f2d
2013-11-28 01:44:58 +00:00