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wangfaxin 4510c60135
Update URL links to opendev.org locations 8 months ago
Hervé Beraud 699bfbbc02 fix docs url 8 months ago
Anne Gentle 2b1c945b45 Adds tox docs job 4 years ago
Matt Riedemann 73d434b28c Add the ability to get reviewer stats across all stable branches 5 years ago
Matthieu Huin 60cfeec49e Document installation from repository 8 years ago
Robert Collins 046cb6f7b3 Add a bug statistics tool. 9 years ago
Robert Collins a2b96dffc2 Document the JSON schema a little. 9 years ago
Robert Collins df820e42a5 Basic usage instructions. 9 years ago
Robert Collins 98d4a78c16 Cookiecutterify reviewstats. 9 years ago