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Robert Collins 98d4a78c16 Cookiecutterify reviewstats.
One step on a long path. Note that there is some noddy stuff in here
like a pointless test - its in cookiecutter and I don't want to muddle
code moves up with that, so 'meh'.

Change-Id: I500b92c0e8177c85e696d039417dcf982010775b
2013-11-25 03:26:57 +00:00
Tom Fifield 852bc7e324 Add requirements to note that paramiko is needed
I have no idea whether projects in infra use requirements.txt,
however, I was surprised to run the script and have it fail due to
a missing module and no documentation about it being needed to be
installed :)

Your feedback welcome!

Change-Id: I0f0833a67004bfcc7649083a201086337a6d4b81
2013-08-02 18:07:17 +10:00