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Russell Bryant 7ad92d8088 Fix CSV output
A previous commit that removed the 'received reviews' from the default
output totally broke CSV output.  This gets it working again.

Change-Id: I76775c496b5b450332f0e8f9d6fa4f7383ffc630
2013-12-04 17:41:23 -05:00
Russell Bryant 3f6e977d87 Fix pep8 tests
We're now gating on pep8, so make it pass.  This removes a couple of
unused imports and fixes a typo in the CSV output code in the reviewers

Change-Id: If77a18497b0efb48f59c10c0e4f5e8b3a8db5a7d
2013-12-04 11:26:16 -05:00
Russell Bryant 1416f45759 Fix count of reviewers
The list of reviewers in the code actually includes people that didn't
do any reviews, but received them.  Since tracking received reviews,
this value became inaccurate.

Change-Id: I04c0793823e1371e5b2215c092c8bed4e7ce118f
2013-11-28 08:59:48 -05:00
Russell Bryant 36402ae486 Remove received reviews from output.
Remove the number of reviews received from the reviewers report output.
I think this information is valuable, but the values we're getting are
not accurate.  The problem is that if a patch gets rebased, the trivial
rebase detection will automatically re-apply reviews.  Those are getting
counted even though they aren't new reviews being received.

Change-Id: I3f1c620c225c1d1d3f2a137b095bac847a353238
2013-11-27 19:27:37 -05:00
Robert Collins 20f4401d0d Remove unused import in reviews_for_bugs.
Change-Id: I9fbeafe8badc30dea606f63622f80b4713570307
2013-11-27 03:10:48 +00:00
Robert Collins 1ab27d9d99 Fix importing of utils in two scripts.

Change-Id: I8e40d64ae107d4269d83d6b004ddfb8c0ac0219b
2013-11-27 03:07:30 +00:00
Robert Collins 839f970377 Move into the reviewstats namespace.
Change-Id: I962cd777cb3507d26fd146f553236f7c6e9af772
2013-11-25 11:18:12 -05:00
Robert Collins 1b1c2dad6f Move openreviews into the reviewstats namespace.
Change-Id: I3029a4568c74b227412b677fcb5e6df6c040458f
2013-11-25 11:18:12 -05:00
Robert Collins e6d1ca533e Move reviews_for_bugs into reviewstats.
Change-Id: I4584b1fed09b0e10f144b9110457436dd04d601d
2013-11-25 11:18:12 -05:00
Robert Collins 3e09039c02 Move openapproved into the reviewstats namespace.
This involves updating one of the shell scripts which now depends on
'pip install -e .' or 'pip install reviewstats' (for a release) having
been run.

Change-Id: I2e63501c4a41ed0b20b1ab7ba1e2f78beed04962
2013-11-25 11:18:12 -05:00
Robert Collins 622f67695c Move utils into the reviewstats namespace.
Change-Id: I1b8418d7e0885d963df32f4c718855d2e989107d
2013-11-25 07:00:16 +00:00
Robert Collins 44fdb1f2c4 Move tests into the setuptools structure.
Change-Id: I0bcdc59b9c23270b0742c3772ef01aaa73893bcd
2013-11-25 06:56:31 +00:00
Robert Collins 98d4a78c16 Cookiecutterify reviewstats.
One step on a long path. Note that there is some noddy stuff in here
like a pointless test - its in cookiecutter and I don't want to muddle
code moves up with that, so 'meh'.

Change-Id: I500b92c0e8177c85e696d039417dcf982010775b
2013-11-25 03:26:57 +00:00