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Russell Bryant 8f5484e317 Create utils.get_core_team() function.
This just centralizes the code for getting the core team for a
project.  The next patch will add an alternate method for determining
the team by querying gerrit's REST API.

Change-Id: I016fd8378c5fb69ed7c9192899d8dcfe9bdb466e
2015-05-21 15:50:36 -07:00
Dan Smith 149c8ae972 Add melwitt to nova-core and drop cyeoh-0
Change-Id: Ib73d234d3465f6a787abdb64ade8a3bcb8c43d22
2015-05-12 12:46:20 -07:00
James Slagle 39ecc4ddef Sync TripleO projects.
Bring the list of TripleO projects inline with governance/projects.yaml

Change-Id: I3e701daa9a69f654014579e4682296de80556d9d
2015-04-22 15:20:02 -04:00
Jenkins b37967f412 Merge "Handle (dis|re)connect more appropriately." 2015-04-21 13:37:21 +00:00
Russell Bryant 4e0372fed1 Handle (dis|re)connect more appropriately.
This code was reconnecting via ssh on every iteration of the loop,
which is completely unnecessary.  It should use the existing
connection and only reconnect if there was an SSH error when exeuting
a command.  The code should also explicitly close the connection when
its done.

Change-Id: I2545a1ca5e0cd39a8b453445ea25927756b1fd19
2015-04-16 11:03:57 -04:00
Jenkins 749612427d Merge "Sync infra projects to governance repo list" 2015-04-15 19:27:10 +00:00
Jeremy Stanley 58cee9a451 Sync infra projects to governance repo list
Change-Id: I897b0a9b90b44a7a615196760e3e2b7523ce4de4
2015-04-13 17:59:07 +00:00
Russell Bryant d0dd98b2de Make local cache more permanent.
With no cache, this code has to download the entire review history for
a project, which takes a really long time, not to mention it's
generally wasteful.

There was code to keep a local cache, but it expired after an hour.
It would make quick repeated runs go faster, but for the stats I keep
posted for OpenStack projects this didn't help.  I regenerate
everything less often.  My stats site is basically broken because of
how terribly inefficient this is.

This updated code keeps the cache around without expiring it.
Instead, it just updates the cache until it hits the first change that
hasn't changed since our cached version and stops.  This should make
things work much better and allow my stats site to keep working.

Change-Id: I784b99dfabeeca81c779dcfda15f1f20bb736957
2015-04-10 16:07:29 -04:00
Russell Bryant 5143b728c9 Drop myself from nova-core
Change-Id: If51e6df1ae9cfd7e81939c11625c7046d4e6f324
2015-04-09 13:59:54 -04:00
Jenkins 4b9b827367 Merge "Update docs and security-docs teams" 2015-04-02 14:13:11 +00:00
Jenkins b5f86c9cbf Merge "Add GERRIT_KEY and GERRIT_SERVER options in scripts" 2015-04-02 14:12:02 +00:00
Jenkins 19009c21c7 Merge "Add --server option to openapproved script" 2015-04-02 14:11:21 +00:00
Jenkins b2bb826b71 Merge "Sync Swift core group" 2015-04-02 14:10:29 +00:00
Matthieu Huin 60cfeec49e Document installation from repository
The reviewstats library cannot be installed from PyPI as it is, as
a tag is needed, or at least a package download URL must be
specified. A user can still install the library and the utilities
by cloning the repo and running the setup script, and therefore
this process is documented rather than the erroneous pip command.

Change-Id: I342fa0f68242316e7ef7bb5959118fdd32d10b9e
2015-04-02 09:40:49 -04:00
Andreas Jaeger 44d958c093 Update docs and security-docs teams
For docs:
Add openstackdocstheme as new repository, remove recently removed folks
from core-team list. Fix typos in Summer's and Shilla's login.
Add three new core members.

For security-docs:
Add Nathaniel Dillon (sicarie)

Change-Id: I90609adbb32cf1e6a86e0ea83483ef6f9b464466
2015-03-31 18:49:58 +02:00
Matthieu Huin 1b9116f225 Add GERRIT_KEY and GERRIT_SERVER options in scripts
This allows the user to specify the private key to use to connect
to the gerrit server, and to specify which gerrit server to use.

Change-Id: I391e9a81350dfc8820d181392574b2cd8f2c3f6a
2015-03-26 17:53:29 +01:00
Matthieu Huin 92f36be0bb Add --server option to openapproved script
Add the possibility to choose a gerrit server in this script, to
be consistent with the other command-line utilities.

Change-Id: If17f9dc3262ebc04cc8c8cabc3cdee04c0b14d5c
2015-03-26 17:38:17 +01:00
Christian Schwede f5a8ef1baf Sync Swift core group
Change-Id: I3ce9e872d99f4ac50a1b71a80c197ef3de9b6a84
2015-03-25 11:32:13 +01:00
Jenkins fb538503b0 Merge "Deactivate jpeeler from Heat core" 2015-03-11 15:30:38 +00:00
Devananda van der Veen 4c1cfe40f0 Overdue update for the ironic project group
Change-Id: I3d58f0c45c196333ee423a858b4635bfe744392a
2015-03-07 14:02:13 -08:00
Angus Salkeld 23aa76e5fc Deactivate jpeeler from Heat core

Change-Id: I8fb886dad8e734773269ed2ca0a17773df250a78
2015-03-02 09:34:08 +10:00
Jenkins 59a94008d1 Merge "Add lyz to core reviews in infra.json" 2015-02-24 14:08:40 +00:00
Jenkins 21ef44fde7 Merge "Deactivate Robert Collins from TripleO" 2015-02-24 14:07:08 +00:00
Jenkins 7b18f4011e Merge "Update the subproject list for Trove" 2015-02-24 14:06:23 +00:00
Jenkins f40858a06a Merge "Sync core reviewer list for Trove" 2015-02-24 14:06:17 +00:00
Jenkins 56c80eceb7 Merge "Add Marek Denis to keystone core" 2015-02-24 14:04:43 +00:00
Nikhil Manchanda f10b9493ea Update the subproject list for Trove
Update the subproject list for Trove to reflect the fact that
trove-specs and trove-integration are part of the Trove project.

Change-Id: If78a34c7e0032d467bf78f876908eb028b42dc47
2015-02-17 23:42:22 -08:00
Nikhil Manchanda 2251663ecd Sync core reviewer list for Trove
Sync Trove core reviewer list so that it is now up-to-date. This
includes adding new core reviewers and dropping old ones we are no
longer active.

Change-Id: Ib7d95e4a4f8c75be6558119a0d6a1b8f35d1423e
2015-02-17 23:39:48 -08:00
Doug Wiegley e6f7cd4e06 Tweak neutron project review stats
- Fix my gerrit username
- Add new subproject repos

Change-Id: If393453ccef6cd1bce0036ebac34ee186abe8b34
2015-02-17 17:39:30 -07:00
Clint Byrum 9fe34e7bfb Deactivate Robert Collins from TripleO
Robert (lifeless) resigned from the TripleO core team here:

Change-Id: Ib1a1ececc43489c5d4e414af30132be16d493fe7
2015-02-17 11:33:58 -08:00
Steve Martinelli e46d5d37ee Add Marek Denis to keystone core
As the title say, marek has become a core member of keystone, and
should be reflected as such.

Change-Id: Ibc21621513852b1e0920ca5b6eeb474df09296ec
2015-02-15 01:40:37 -05:00
Elizabeth K. Joseph 336ec71252 Add lyz to core reviews in infra.json
Change-Id: If1e2e52e54e307a8cee15ebe804ca1aff411d4bd
2015-02-12 15:32:54 -08:00
Jenkins 349e69b27b Merge "Sync tripleo cores for recently removed members" 2015-02-11 18:57:05 +00:00
Jenkins 1f2ae29e5c Merge "Update Heat's core team" 2015-02-10 19:54:27 +00:00
Angus Salkeld 19e6979b73 Update Heat's core team
Change-Id: I783f11fea3fad2b49da8e817f9314125d9bd93fa
2015-02-01 22:07:49 +10:00
Clint Byrum 49e9d2b9b7 Sync tripleo cores for recently removed members
These members were removed from the core team after confirming they are
not involved with the project anymore.

Change-Id: I8a73450747afa9e85e5f3269605c921edb1808b6
2015-01-27 10:26:34 -08:00
James Polley b83ec9b2a1 Add tchaypo as core
As discussed on openstack-dev, tchaypo (aka James Polley, aka me, so
please don't approve this commit without getting approval from Spamaps)
is now a TripleO core reviewer.

Change-Id: I9b68b1473fd379d311d2bbfeb82d40a3e4cdecb6
2015-01-27 09:18:23 +00:00
Kyle Mestery ad1217dd81 Update Neutron cores
Remove Sumit Naiksatam and add Doug Wiegley.

Change-Id: I59ed9dd447f7a8d4abd03a0eb490704952b79a3d
2015-01-22 22:06:33 +00:00
Tony Breeds feee0dacd2 Sync with current core group
In the thread[1] the PTL removed 5 members of nova core.

The change makes nova.json match [2]


Change-Id: I33bd7b713c3ab5bb62f4d4fc975809021731eeb0
2014-12-17 15:10:41 +11:00
Jenkins 7c75c38736 Merge "Update neutron core" 2014-12-10 00:23:32 +00:00
Jenkins bd8d30b7a2 Merge "Adjust wording for new Workflow URLs" 2014-12-08 23:03:48 +00:00
Kyle Mestery b0c9b630bb Update neutron core
We've removed two folks (rkukura and nati_ueno) and added two new core
reviewers (HenryG and kevinbenton).

Change-Id: I4e8921467fb462d381ac9491a9bacbb43bfbe87e
2014-12-07 14:17:20 +00:00
Elizabeth K. Joseph 8d06f4f924 Adjust wording for new Workflow URLs
Workflow documentation links were updated, but the wording doesn't
quite make sense now because the first link includes the second link.
Made adjustments to the text so that it is clear which link to use.

Change-Id: I84181d1b095ae6af363e5be660fb39aaaaac05ba
2014-12-05 11:50:04 -08:00
David Lyle a6ab6ae5dd Updating horizon core
Removing kspear
Adding clu-m and tqtran

Alphabetized for sanity.

Change-Id: I27d4010848c2a785c10941b3153122cf70e8b4eb
2014-12-05 11:20:22 -07:00
Jenkins 131c5585f0 Merge "Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual" 2014-12-05 15:14:56 +00:00
Jenkins 5eb4aabced Merge "markmc is not nova-core" 2014-12-05 15:13:59 +00:00
Brant Knudson 7d7be7c574 Add new keystone subprojects
Several new keystone subprojects have been added. Update the list
so that we get accurate stats.

Change-Id: I7151d2e437652a8fc8ce6f6177f9e647360a14db
2014-12-05 08:33:09 -06:00
Brant Knudson a08119e1cd Alphabetize keystone cores
It's easier for a human to find a name in an alphabetized list.

Change-Id: Id8a3f33f38e329341d0f4702af03924022b16c1b
2014-12-05 08:31:11 -06:00
Brant Knudson 3a043b0c1d Format keystone.json
Reformat keystone.json so a human can read it.

Change-Id: I3dfc06603196800b3178370d0d2ba749d8816cc1
2014-12-05 08:30:19 -06:00
Brant Knudson 79f80a0556 markmc is not nova-core
Remove markmc from nova-core group so the stats are accurate.

Change-Id: I31a97fd615195dfbe4ae1c7cbd7bbeebace2e6ae
2014-12-05 08:25:41 -06:00