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Utility scripts for generating stats about OpenStack development.


  • - Get some stats on the number and age of open reviews.
  • - See how many reviews each person has done over a period of time.


Clone the git repository, then install the library:

pip install .

Run the scripts.

Project definitions

Each project has a JSON file describing what reviews, bugs and so on will count towards that projects statistics. The JSON file should have a single top level object containing the following keys:

  • name: The project name.
  • subprojects: A list of Gerrit projects to include.
  • core-team: A list of Gerrit usernames to consider as core reviewers across subprojects.
  • lp_projects: A list of Launchpad project ids to include.


  1. Get reviewer stats for the last 14 days (default) in the stable/pike branch:

    $ reviewers --stable pike --output ~/reviewers-stable-pike-14

  2. Get reviewer stats for the last 90 days across all stable branches:

    $ reviewers --stable all --days 90 --output ~/reviewers-stable-all-90