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Andreas Jaeger 2921d50974 Cleanup py27 support
Make a few cleanups:
- Remove python 2.7 stanza from
- Add requires on python >= 3.6 to setup.cfg so that pypi and pip
  know about the requirement
- Remove obsolete sections from setup.cfg:
  * Wheel is not needed for python 3 only repo

Change-Id: Ie5bf4b5226a06d828ec24a6134d7ea8a3f45c8db
3 years ago
Luigi Toscano 9851391c28 Update devel info: mailing list
The new openstack-discuss mailing list is going to replace few
mailing lists, including openstack-dev.

Change-Id: I4e6abbd29667f84a2ea07089010d1da1266ca7b7
5 years ago
loooosy 63af6d0852 Update the documentation link for doc migration
This patch is proposed according to the Direction 10 of doc

Change-Id: I19d9f24df3f269586820ec7a735cb49d053dc460
6 years ago
liangshang d4aef362d4 fix error that can't open home url
Change-Id: Ibb0bd916945ad76935b457685f65944955da8c02
7 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov 06063e62b2 Remove version from setup.cfg
Per [1] we now want to use the git repository for knowing the version instead
of just trying to modify the setup.cfg file.


Change-Id: I1e4eb0545663e363b4cdcd87d5a6a61c4604f7c0
Depends-On: I001a18895489a56eb55a5eb8c73ab6a3d4b1d4d0
8 years ago
Thierry Carrez 7f6c4f8023 Open Mitaka development
Bump preversion to mark the start of the Mitaka development branch.
The liberty release branch will be cut from the previous commit.

Change-Id: I695cefd303a3f67c01bae6d09a2ce7af56c2c6e9
8 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov 3b523a3e8e Update version for Liberty
Update the version for Liberty, switching from date-based versioning
to pre-versioning using SemVer. See
for details.

Change-Id: I1ef1e710924c208e7360f2258117d4f80b69442a
8 years ago
Pino Toscano 1d5aed9258 Fix elements installation
Mimic the install directory used in diskimage-builder, with the actual
elements under a "elements" subdirectory. This is also what the
sahara-image-create script expects, as it appends "elements" to any of
the probed paths.

Change-Id: I1068623b2d76720b409024ac2a36e5327150b181
8 years ago
Jenkins f7467655d5 Merge "Add main script for building sahara images" 8 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov c3e937604a Open Liberty development
Bump pre-version in setup.cfg to formally open Liberty development.
Kilo release branch will be cut from the previous commit.

Change-Id: I79e5b0467a2bddd59b48103f236973c0fd04d377
8 years ago
Sergey Reshetnyak deddc28ce3 Add main script for building sahara images
Change-Id: Ia0a8604421dcfa553e8a21cf836856fb3c063504
8 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov dd1da4af71 Open Kilo development
Bump pre-version to 2015.1 to formally open master branch to Kilo

Change-Id: If67313ef3c899d770ff53a50a0f71d291e437c32
9 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov 5833867ac9 Formally open Juno dev
Change-Id: Icc126e2e1a2c5640a4a55ad5b1ec3ecda2ded780
9 years ago
Michael McCune 0e1241d923 Renaming all Savanna references to Sahara
Before merging this commit the alias for needs to be in place.

Also before merging this commit the new openstack git project must be
available at

The file 'elements/hadoop-hdp/source-repository-hadoopswift' contains a
link to the HortonWorks repository that holds the Hadoop Swift rpm, this
link needs to be updated when HortonWorks makes the change.

Implements: blueprint savanna-renaming-image-elements
Change-Id: Icb9a992f8545535af3a111580ce7c9622d754c67
9 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov 27c7f9beb6 Bump version to 2014.1
Change-Id: I0c5f11fa3d29d699b989e11d9fa7731b6b9d56b0
10 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov 43734f9fec Support building wheels (PEP-427)
With that, "python bdist_wheel" could be used for building and uploading wheels to PyPI.

Change-Id: Ibafabebeeb113ef9b5e6af14fa7278841be6b429
10 years ago
Monty Taylor cb84cebfc4 Fix name in setup.cfg
Change-Id: Ib06ee2bff86d2c7f483461a66a8e699869062b1d
10 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov 08b985d59e Package with pbr
* generated tarball will contain all elements;
* tarball could be installed and all elements will be installed to the
  share/savanna-elements folder.

Change-Id: Ic80b045034850316b9b3263d132782afa560643b
10 years ago