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Luigi Toscano 542e7e78ba Post-import fixes: name, license, doc, translations
- fix the name of the module in setup.cfg, according the correct
  pattern (otherwise the name of the directory is not correct);
- add LICENSE file, required by (at least some) distributions;
- setup the translations;
- fix the name of the manpage, use the name of the module;
- add the classifier for Python 3.6.

Change-Id: I37d205c2d900600674d3862eba61c3c017e5d538
4 years ago
Telles Nobrega ae590bac87 Updating plugin documentation and release notes
Updating documentation to reflect what it means to the Sahara project,
and make it build again.
Also cleaning up release notes so we can start fresh.

Change-Id: Icfffefd5e753b8455c0307c38ca5dc16ba35ed67
4 years ago
Telles Nobrega 40fd2aa34e Plugins splitted from sahara core
Change-Id: I43e0beec6508f93a436a150749bfa23571986b9d
4 years ago
Luigi Toscano fb0ba78929 doc: restructure the image building documentation
Main goal: consolidate the information about image
building under the same documentation page, and move
plugin-specific details inside plugin pages.
No plugin-specific information should live outside
those pages.

More details:
- move the detailed documentation about sahara-image-pack
  from the contributor guide to the new dedicated page
  in the user manual;
- remove the vanilla and cdh pages which describes building
  images with sahara-image-create, and move the common
  information to new sahara-image-create page
  in the user manual;
- add the matrix of supported plugin versions and
  supported building technology for each plugin inside
  the respective <plugin>-plugin.rst;
- add the redirects for the removed pages (only for master
  and rocky, where this change should be backported).
- remove few details not really needed (e.g. how to convert
  to VMDK images, location of cloud-init packages, etc,
  which do not really belong here).

Change-Id: I8398a7ad625276d8f11d743688ba71902a7e1adc
5 years ago
Luigi Toscano e961cbef15 doc: update distro information and cloud-init users
- centralize the information about the default cloud-init users
  for various distributions to point to the existing specialized
- remove all CentOS 6 and Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) references, and
  do not refer to Ubuntu 14.04 for the vanilla plugin;
- add Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) details when needed;
- update the pointers to few packages.

Change-Id: I4654e6ec2821bcec5207f41b93c5d0f0633ba18c
5 years ago
Luigi Toscano c03d36ed56 doc: point to the main git repository and update links
- no need to refer to github; point to the main repositories
  on and remove the requirement for a github
  account in order to contribute;
- update few links which have been moved around and fix at least
  the associated message of a link;
- link to the website for HTTPie.

Change-Id: Ib310815d346e2364de1a2282f3f1e2d94590c3d2
6 years ago
Luigi Toscano 8a9842c6b4 Restructure the documentation according the new spec
Group the existing pages in the new top-level categories; each
category can be seen as a separate document and it has its own
index file.
The content of the pages was not changed, with the obvious
exception of the links between pages.

The autogenerated configuration has not been added yet to
configuration/; it will be fixed in a future commit.

At the same time, as suggested by the doc team, consistently
use only one separator in file names (dash, '-') instead of a mix
of dashes, dots and underscores. This may break even more links on
the Internet, but we are breaking them anyway by moving files.
Redirects can be set, but not in this commit.

Closes-Bug: #1706184
Change-Id: I5a10378d9da2603d617ad4193ea8d90e2afc5104
6 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov df87a1fe76 Publish sample conf to docs
Generate sample config file before each docs build and publish it

Change-Id: I688d83e2c0e779582395275d0aaf7cc62e55eabd
8 years ago