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Luigi Toscano 5445169d79 Reduce the dependencies, add more common Zuul jobs
The requirements files have been mostly copied from sahara.git,
but most of the dependencies are not needed.

Refresh the content of lower-constraints.txt and ensure that
the lower-constraints tox environment considers also the doc

Explicitly depend on the pre-release of Sahara for Stein.

Add few more jobs to avoid breakages, namely:
- add check-requirements and openstack-lower-constraints-jobs;
- replace tempest-plugin-jobs with openstack-python-jobs,
  openstack-python35-jobs and openstack-python36-jobs
  now that it is possible to depend on sahara.

Change-Id: I087151df07044d9012a6a89bab9925c194b622cd
4 years ago
Telles Nobrega 40fd2aa34e Plugins splitted from sahara core
Change-Id: I43e0beec6508f93a436a150749bfa23571986b9d
4 years ago