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OpenStack Proposal Bot 580652c614 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I875b1b5c1a468b979c3320a4ccc23ea42236ee9c
6 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot 27624df630 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Id6031a914ed47153207b7864be7e391fe600f3d4
8 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot e835fad8af Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I890bd06f940ad516b3abadebbe6182eb4ded0897
8 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot ac1348d533 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I7fbf845cbba316f61fceea9bb78353400d83cedf
8 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot 81345dfb7d Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I133e7567df31435b85e8a031653a531ea039359b
9 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov 9133c31159 Remove version pbr pins from setup_requires
* setuptools can never upgrade things based on setup_requires versions
* actual pbr version range should be defined in requirements.txt

Change-Id: I2deb735b48c29286c4ca4e01e9720bf97a58d348
10 years ago
Dina Belova 9fb1a15358 Migrate to pbr
Fixes: bug #1186118

Change-Id: I5577f5b0787f140aa4d7a4873e91fcf831f9731b
10 years ago
Nikita Konovalov 3d3541a036 Migrate to Conductor
Co-Authored-By: Dmitry Mescheryakov <>
Co-Authored-By: Sergey Lukjanov <>

Change-Id: If12fd3a4e4dea876be081202f2b426e94c291d9b
10 years ago
Jon Maron bf5f41d044 Made Ambari RPM location configurable
The Ambari RPM location is now an ambari configuration property in
the blueprint.  This will support debug/issue resolution scenarios
as well as the export of this information.

Fixes:  bug #1208966

Change-Id: Ie0bfbd39d687c8c26d654b7fcfb369f764d48ef2
10 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov 7083febe5c Bump version to 0.3
Change-Id: If4668e06adf07eb002449899d921732dab09a589
10 years ago
Jenkins 26a8398cc8 Merge "Created savanna-db-manage script for new DB" 10 years ago
Dmitry Mescheryakov 011d405373 Created savanna-db-manage script for new DB
+ Couple of minor adjustments

Change-Id: I4e43d138b23904a02deb7d15b28e4960494ee976
10 years ago
Nadya Privalova 1d201ee021 Workflow creator
 * Base workflow creator
 * Pig workflow creator

Implements blueprint edp-oozie-workflow-creator

Change-Id: Id621778477047236d174d99ea6d43bee93fbc325
10 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov f2b04afa90 Docs build fixed
savanna.cmd renamed to savanna.cli

Fixes: bug #1206670

Change-Id: I88db6449f941c4416c6a06965b78ba4e9d47c143
10 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov 456394c8a3 Use console_scripts instead of bin
It is required for migration to pbr. Currently there is no need to use bin files.

Change-Id: Ia06b1786e1c66370f472fc00937394be722526b1
10 years ago
Nadya Privalova 7b07b05dbd Cluster scaling: deletion
* exclude/include files mechanism is implemented
* adding instances was change
* removing instances works ok
* "slaves" and "masters" are deleted

Implements blueprint delete-instances
Implements blueprint get-rid-of-slaves-file
Fixes: bug #1199884

Change-Id: Ie1bfaa421fce22efd3115ba13758932b6b592d7a
10 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov d0708e79f6 Fix author/homepage in
Change-Id: Ic26ec54dddf025a25ae1c855547637ac59c64fce
10 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov f3812c4017 License hacking tests has been added
* missed license headers added to files;
* incorrect license header fixed.

Change-Id: I384761e6214065ff9f560b0aae50f1b44d5d8bea
10 years ago
Alexander Ignatov 33c009c7de Heap Size can be applied for Hadoop services now
* Hadoop environment parameters are now set properly
* Removed jinja usage from vanilla plugin

Fixes bug 1192820

Change-Id: Iee32e3621d2888aa8039f74563bb7da12cc3e31f
10 years ago
Alexander Ignatov 9a2c62e1cd Vanilla plugin configs are more informative now
* Config objects returned contains default values, types and descriptions
* Introduced "importance" field, it help differentiate all configs in UI

Implements blueprint vanilla-plugin-configs-improvements

Change-Id: I8e457d49cc08fbca6cd965c7944fbacfbd5df3c6
10 years ago
Nadya Privalova 22a05a7606 Helper for Swift integration was added.
* We only support default configs now
* Username and Password for Swift access should be pointed during hadoop-job starting
* Tenant and Auth-Url is get from context

Implements blueprint savanna-swift-integration

Change-Id: Ifb902029ffdea6377563bcc1d2da91bd573c5901
10 years ago
Alexander Ignatov b2d11738bf Implementation of Vanilla Plugin
* Implemented configure_cluster and start_cluster methods
* Cluster configuring is service:process specific
* Added basic unit tests
* Added basic validation

Implements blueprint vanilla-hadoop-plugin

Change-Id: I51c55557b6bb073a7eae7eefc2f21cc2c2df0385
10 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov 43695cef6a Initial version of Savanna v0.2
* pluggable provisioning mechanism
* a lot of old code has been removed
* new version of REST API (1.0)
* image registry draft implemented as novaclient extension
* oslo updated
* using oslo.db instead of flask-sqlalchemy
* some hacking fixes
* using alembic for db migrations

Partially implements blueprint pluggable-cluster-provisioning.
Partially implements blueprint savanna-rest-api-1-0.
Implements blueprint hadoop-image-registry.
Implements blueprint fulfill-openstack-requirements.
Implements blueprint db-migrate-support.

Change-Id: I5df80d67e25c2f4f8367f78f67fb9e9e76fc3647
10 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov f63458fcdc bump version to 0.1.2
Change-Id: Ib79b436f26fffa532ec5d0e5f9a0fecda8ccc812
10 years ago
Alexander Ignatov 3cb9170dc0 Adds xml hadoop config generating
* Xml config provisioning is done for core, hdfs, mapred xmls
 * Removed xslt transformations from data nodes
 * At now Savanna contains default configs for Hadoop in resources/
 * This version of default configs is applied for Hadoop 1.1.1
 * No needs to distribute new cloud image

Change-Id: Ia13e9231d75bbac3cff6291d477b72d727e21c71
Fixes: bug #1169900
10 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov b328d19381 Re-add setuptools-git to
In 02f59a0768a56c084fa72ac9c1e47f1a819baadc we removed:


from file and it broke tarball generation in that some files
are now missing.

Change-Id: I53997b68a4a36cae63d191d63bc19ef459c228c4
Fixes: bug #1169295
10 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov 5bad3f54fb bump version to 0.1.1
Change-Id: I6e4d131cea282f01b86bd37840e60467bb6d997e
10 years ago
Jeremy Stanley f49749fe81 Remove an invalid trove classifier.
* Remove "Intended Audience :: BigDate"
since it's not in pypi's list of valid trove classifiers and
prevents successful upload of the package when present.

Change-Id: Iee487d1737a12158bb181d21ae841d07e0820e10
10 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov 336f705609 has been improved
Change-Id: I3c161fb8146d063c08c3e6a904cd141680a3a005
10 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov c958bc3f64 setuptools-get has been removed from deps
Change-Id: I88b390503beaabeb655ba905e5246e9103471672
10 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov d6108e6ff3 resources has been added to sdist tarball
Change-Id: I4e5b2ecb5b78e6750b161e78632cf31660f613ed
10 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov c501d517f0 savanna-manage added to the scripts section of
Change-Id: Ic9aa7baf2bf5a33697d6e297a6f15753912d44ed
10 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov e2d4caf217 Author email has been fixed
Change-Id: Iee22d924937c808f6d39b4e95537606298bf74c9
10 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov 5ea71f1750 eho -> savanna 10 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov 7fa51fd0d0 setup utils is now from oslo-incubator 10 years ago
Sergey Lukjanov 24e446cf4c has been added 10 years ago