221 Commits (1c474499b535bf7aa8c8e77fd6d6a85c0bdb2e40)

Author SHA1 Message Date
zhanghongtao 0ebe4ed7c0 Enable some off-by-default checks 4 years ago
chenxing 1ed9bb03ae Update the documentation link for doc migration 4 years ago
xuhaigang 1db83b1295 Fix direct patches of methods in test_versionhandler.py 4 years ago
xuhaigang 88195a23f9 Add test to sahara/plugins/vanilla/hadoop2/scaling.py 4 years ago
xuhaigang f62ec38c69 Add test to sahara/plugins/vanilla/hadoop2/run_scripts.py 4 years ago
Vitaly Gridnev 7744bb8289 Fix wrong patch in unit tests 4 years ago
xuhaigang 9f699d55c0 Add test to sahara/plugins/vanilla/hadoop2/starting_scripts.py 4 years ago
xuhaigang 4a9a7d9fb2 Add test to edp_engine.py 4 years ago
xuhaigang 2ba242a8f2 Add test to sahara/plugins/vanilla/hadoop2/oozie_helper.py 4 years ago
xuhaigang c3255baf3c Add test to sahara/plugins/vanilla/hadoop2/config_helper.py 4 years ago
xuhaigang cdfe86231a Add test to sahara/plugins/vanilla/v2_7_1/config_helper.py 4 years ago
xuhaigang 12754b2671 Add test to sahara/plugins/vanilla/v2_7_1/versionhandler.py 4 years ago
ChangBo Guo(gcb) 8c76d370d1 Remove usage of parameter enforce_type 4 years ago
lcsong 8c2bb58976 Remove log translations 4 years ago
lcsong 935cfac9c4 Remove log translations 5 years ago
lcsong 1fd5dceb35 Remove log translations 5 years ago
lcsong a258118533 Remove log translations 5 years ago
Luigi Toscano 144149f443 Apply monkeypatching from eventlet before the tests starts 5 years ago
Anh Tran 70ec6d35ba Remove unused logging import 5 years ago
Jeremy Freudberg 4f5e3d4065 Update validation unit test for all Vanilla processes 5 years ago
jiasen.lin 1a87461187 Add test_get_nodemanagers() 5 years ago
pangliye a6853db851 Problem about permission 5 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot fdbaa229df Remove enable_notifications option 5 years ago
Luong Anh Tuan e3f6ad4af8 Replaces uuid.uuid4 with uuidutils.generate_uuid() 5 years ago
Michael Lelyakin efce9c4df6 Spark on Vanilla Clusters 5 years ago
Michael Lelyakin 556bceed84 Remove hardcoded password from db schema 5 years ago
Michael Ionkin 1210bc96bc Designate integration 5 years ago
Mikhail Lelyakin d2c465f930 Remove hardcoded password for Oozie service 5 years ago
Vitaly Gridnev 5e593bc8a3 improvements on api for plugins 5 years ago
luhuichun f1361b583b Remove vanilla 2.6.0 code 6 years ago
Javeme 1ad33f44cf Don't use Mock.called_once_with that does not exist 6 years ago
Bo Wang 4d6c78cbfb Python3: Fix using dictionary keys() 6 years ago
Michael McCune c65d11c1bf add helper functions for key manager 6 years ago
Vitaly Gridnev f4d1c9aa2a Enable passwordless ssh beetween vanilla nodes 6 years ago
Javeme 545a3af243 Ensure default arguments are not mutable 6 years ago
Xi Yang c84ca0876b Clean the code in vanilla's utils 6 years ago
Michael McCune b0a57dbccc Initial key manager implementation 6 years ago
Shuquan Huang 60ad448b20 Replace assertEqual(None, *) with assertIsNone in tests 6 years ago
ChangBo Guo(gcb) 64b9dc3140 test: make enforce_type=True in CONF.set_override 6 years ago
Venkateswarlu Pallamala e246b2e0e0 code cleanup 6 years ago
Venkateswarlu Pallamala 54d75d94e6 replace multiple if stmts with dict and for loop 6 years ago
Venkateswarlu Pallamala a2c2bc9987 use list comprehensions 6 years ago
Andrey Pavlov 598d07ab19 Formatting and mounting methods changed for ironic 6 years ago
Sergey Reshetnyak 005f8cc79f Register SSL cert in Java keystore to access to swift via SSL 6 years ago
Nikita Konovalov 28165ec8cb Drop Vanilla Hadoop 1 6 years ago
mathspanda b476da26b2 Modify recommend_configs arguments in vanilla 1 6 years ago
Vitaly Gridnev 26b650e6b9 Disable autotune configs for scaling old clusters 6 years ago
Vitaly Gridnev 53776a3328 Deprecate Vanilla 2.6.0 6 years ago
Li, Chen ab909f515c Use "get_instances" method from sahara.plugins.utils 6 years ago
Vitaly Gridnev 3c0aa882e7 Update vanilla plugin to the latest version 6 years ago