improve CONTRIBUTING.rst to explain how/when to propose stories/specs

Expanding on the contributor guide, as discussed in the 11/21 IRC meeting.

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@ -6,13 +6,89 @@ Contributing to OpenStack's self-healing SIG
If you would like to participate in discussions or contribute in any
way to the design and development of self-healing in OpenStack, please
first see:
first see the following wiki to understand the SIG's mission, scope,
and other supporting information:
Contributions to the use-cases and specifications in this repository
are very welcome. To contribute to this repository, you must follow
the steps in this page:
Many forms of contribution are valuable to the community, including but not
limited to the following:
- `Documentation of use cases <#use-cases>`_, including implementation details if available
- `Design specs`_
- `Code`_
- `Discussions`_ on all the above and other topics
Everyone is warmly encouraged to get involved in whatever capacity you
see fit.
Discussions take place:
- on `the openstack-discuss mailing list
with ``[self-healing-sig]`` in the Subject header,
- the `#openstack-self-healing IRC channel on Freenode
(including `meetings every fortnight
- `the SIG's storyboard
- and in patch reviews.
Links to all resources can also be found in the `SIG wiki section on
.. _`SIG wiki section on community`:
Use cases
The SIG serves to facilitate the discussion and documentation of self-healing
use cases at all stages of development from a seed idea to a fully tested use
To call attention to a use case, please start the discussion in `one
of the established communication channels <#discussions>`_.
Alternatively, directly submit a patch to document the use case,
following the format laid out in the `template file
in `the use-cases/ directory
of `the self-healing-sig repository
See `Submitting a change`_ for more information.
Design specs
Design specs are proposed implementations of self-healing
functionality across projects. To author a new design spec, please
follow the format laid out in the `template file
in `the specs/ directory
of `the self-healing-sig repository`_.
See `Submitting a change`_ for more information.
`The self-healing-sig repository`_ also holds any relevant
cross-project code, tests, and documentation that do not naturally
belong in a single project repository.
See `Submitting a change`_ for more information.
Submitting a change
To submit a change to this repository, please follow the steps in this page: