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Adam Spiers ef773e685c fix README
The README had a broken documentation link, so fix it to point at the
new published version.  Also clarify what the wiki portal page contains,
which licenses are used, and remove the redundant Features section.

Change-Id: I4c9d898d6a02d716a9ca87b4c48e11e2e53bc61c
5 years ago
Adam Spiers b54a652410 Improve the titles and descriptions in the readmes
Move from cookiecutter-generated titles and descriptions to more
human-readable ones.

Change-Id: Ie72299f3575a00c9c696b765550258ddb621ef60
5 years ago
Adam Spiers 1662397300 Initial cookiecutter commit
Based on https://git.openstack.org/openstack-dev/specs-cookiecutter

Change-Id: Ic847b1981a2d3d1846225713fa2bc6e295dc60ac
5 years ago