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Ilya Shakhat 1bfc392a06 Update a link to os-faults contribution activity
OS-Faults is no longer sync'd to Github openstack organization
(as it is an unofficial project), the right stats are at opendev.org.

Change-Id: I7b9a6118afbe5f845391e5339c8b8f63baa6861c
4 years ago
Ihtisham ul Haq 1f39d723ef Add VMTP and incorporate developers feedback
Change-Id: Ia57f44ff2923d22a0b2980022eebe5a09c01980e
4 years ago
Ihtisham ul Haq 80d6811800 Add list of tools for Openstack testing
Story: 2002129
Task: 35628

Change-Id: I51df92d6ffabf12e96aafb8f6275075a697c82bb
4 years ago
Andreas Jaeger e63f17f63d Update docs job
publish-openstack-sphinx-docs jobs are obsolete since some time,
use the newer publish-openstack-docs-pti jobs instead.

Comment out tox for specs since no specs exist so far and the building
fails otherwise.

Change-Id: Iee6be1fbdc3ea764b482e7a017ddca0b4060847b
4 years ago
Adam Spiers e28144217a Add Eris whitepaper from Gautam
Converted from .docx to reStructuredText and published with permission
from the original author, Gautam Divgi.

This is still WIP but nevertheless is hoped to be of use to the

Story: 2002129
Task: 22148

Change-Id: I5b9862d36ab8d4f11a764b506f955154e4e8303b
4 years ago
Adam Spiers 54e7604fb5 Auto-index specs and use-cases
This solves the problem of people frequently forgetting to add their
spec or use case to the index.

Change-Id: I70ad8b0ce37027740d3d3a015c70ea2138690d27
4 years ago
Eric K 6f4e786e03 Memory leak use case
Change-Id: I9f8fab1c12b7c94ca2c1a1d3c8c4ed470d821b63
4 years ago
Tomi Juvonen 124e51c285 Fenix rolling upgrade
Use case definition for Fenix project

Change-Id: I45e3b4982be4357479628f4414328915bf92a62d
Signed-off-by: Tomi Juvonen <tomi.juvonen@nokia.com>
5 years ago
ricolin bf603c75cc Add autoscaling with self-healing scenario
A scenario for self-healing and auto-scaling with Heat, Mistral,
Zaqar, and Aodh.

Change-Id: I652c3b0e0caa433bfd08c0cb35b21507f0897889
5 years ago
Ifat Afek 6161217a88 Adjust the Vitrage & Mistral use case to the new template format
Change-Id: Iae1bb26e3c6061f63ef4fac58e354c56cb32e91b
5 years ago
Adam Spiers 0a1d492996 bootstrap repository structure
Set up an initial structure for the repository which provides sections
for both specs and use cases, plus a guide on how to contribute.

Story: 2001628
Task: 6614
Task: 6615
Change-Id: If117f8b4d634707a9375a78292f916f47a4f8b0c
5 years ago
Ifat Afek d2c304bdd7 Added documentation about the Vitrage+Mistral integration
Change-Id: Ibd3ab03103a0ccbfec5f5795f73cdff30e5826ce
Story: 2001430
Task: 6513
5 years ago
Adam Spiers 57b2e7d730 Remove some misleading references to Launchpad
We are not using Launchpad to track issues.

Change-Id: I12be0a4ed3f0bc6686ec454586b598b21d996801
5 years ago
Adam Spiers b54a652410 Improve the titles and descriptions in the readmes
Move from cookiecutter-generated titles and descriptions to more
human-readable ones.

Change-Id: Ie72299f3575a00c9c696b765550258ddb621ef60
5 years ago
Adam Spiers 1662397300 Initial cookiecutter commit
Based on https://git.openstack.org/openstack-dev/specs-cookiecutter

Change-Id: Ic847b1981a2d3d1846225713fa2bc6e295dc60ac
5 years ago