286 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Duc Truong 4f585a2e70 Check if config param exists before using it 5 months ago
  Duc Truong fa2d817839 Shutdown VM before destructive update action 7 months ago
  Duc Truong 8fc8ee6549 Release locks when action is cancelled 6 months ago
  Duc Truong d243ea253b Remove clean-up of cluster/node action when cluster/node is deleted 1 year ago
  Erik Olof Gunnar Andersson 54997a14ea Split engine service into three services 2 years ago
  Bo Tran 8a5460c591 Add cluster_id to action filter in API 2 years ago
  Jude Cross e37e347771 Allow cluster delete to detach policies & delete receivers 2 years ago
  Jacob Estelle bb0be93cf1 Move node replacement candidates to dict in inputs 2 years ago
  Duc Truong 3e70333a65 Fix node delete with lifecycle hook bug 2 years ago
  Duc Truong 67591b0211 Fix cluster recovery and node recovery params 2 years ago
  Jude Cross 7581f527ca Fix node lock aquire to force with node operation 2 years ago
  Duc Truong 0367baa145 Do not set parent action status if stop node failed 2 years ago
  Duc Truong f2fc46ddc4 Enable health checks after failed operation 2 years ago
  Duc Truong 719c1bc32e Set owner for actions in waiting for lifecycle 2 years ago
  Jude Cross ffbfa8042e Add action_update api to cancel actions 3 years ago
  Duc Truong 8d6d508989 Fix stop node before delete error handling 3 years ago
  Duc Truong 7b945457bb Add space to error messages 3 years ago
  Duc Truong e7dae6c458 Add cluster option cluster.stop_node_before_delete 3 years ago
  Jude Cross 2559ff7661 Add entity refresh to cluster action execute wrapper 3 years ago
  ruijie 2d26ef7627 revist lifecycle_hook logic 3 years ago
  ruijie b1b5460925 separate '_delete_nodes' to different functionalities 3 years ago
  Duc Truong cf6cccf070 Skip lifecycle completion for invalid nodes 3 years ago
  Erik Olof Gunnar Andersson 98d8cf30a3 Cleaned up logging 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen c1b3fa83a8 Change module parameter use consts configure 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen 85dc637f7b remove cluster_action module no use define 3 years ago
  tengqm 757bde1bde Further removal of localization to please py35 3 years ago
  tengqm 9763e308f3 Decouple cloud backends 3 years ago
  Duc Truong 3dd9f3ecde Lifecycle hook implementation 3 years ago
  tengqm 6f83249fc3 Continue to strip off localization 3 years ago
  tengqm 7521b772de Have cluster actions respect node name formatter 3 years ago
  jonnary 67647dade6 Revise cluster/node check action records design 4 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen c3ae0c82bc Fix cluster action operation always use default_action_timeout value 4 years ago
  liyi 8a23231a45 Fix cluster config updating operation 4 years ago
  RUIJIE YUAN c3f26fa558 fix cluster recover bug 4 years ago
  RUIJIE YUAN 8dd682aa2c remove batch-policy decision from CLUSTER_DELETE 4 years ago
  RUIJIE YUAN 3c2c8c59fc revise action layer to support 'check_capacity' 4 years ago
  RUIJIE YUAN c09e113663 fix the error in cluster_action.do_recover(...) 4 years ago
  RUIJIE YUAN 2e2077de55 remove 'health_check' param for scaling actions 4 years ago
  chohoor 1533080f36 Check node status before do cluster-recover action 4 years ago
  RUIJIE YUAN a7b38006aa action support 'health_check' parameter 4 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen 2acc5a19fd fix cluster action update node function pause_time repeat 4 years ago
  liyi 3423667de0 Remove log translations 4 years ago
  chohoor 9d689c1510 Support profile-only to cluster update 4 years ago
  RUIJIE YUAN a17d0d351d revise dumping event notifications 4 years ago
  jonnary 969990f6b7 Clean action records after deleting cluster/node 4 years ago
  tengqm 87ce47640f Fix recovery action passing 4 years ago
  jonnary d5d5d5bf13 Promote unit test coverage for ClusterAction.do_recover 4 years ago
  miaohb 913d04ec50 Trivial: add the missing comment in do_scale_in 4 years ago
  jonnary e9ebeedfda Fix bug in ClusterAction._delete_nodes 4 years ago
  jonnary 6ae58362ef Revise issue in do_del_nodes 4 years ago