189 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Satish Patel 170f468258 Add support of vnic_type to Profile 5 months ago
  Duc Truong 6dff71e13f Perform port update if security group changed 6 months ago
  Duc Truong fa2d817839 Shutdown VM before destructive update action 7 months ago
  Duc Truong 75c8450b1b Add hypervisor status polling health check 8 months ago
  Duc Truong aca5b42d81 Pass in correct port id parameter 8 months ago
  Duc Truong 349c47379c Find security group profiles by project scope 8 months ago
  Erik Olof Gunnar Andersson 5f955f2392 Remove six usage 1 year ago
  Erik Olof Gunnar Andersson a6a18b8df5 Fix leaking resources during cluster recover 1 year ago
  Erik Olof Gunnar Andersson 7e04d4a353 Make sure we always populate flavor_id 1 year ago
  Duc Truong 52b8a1739e Use named argument for nova timeout 2 years ago
  Duc Truong 60fd3ff874 Delete VMs in error state after creation 2 years ago
  Bo Tran 581e11640d Fix error when senlin do health check a cluster 2 years ago
  Jacob Estelle 985b77a031 Only update necessary metadata 2 years ago
  Thai Nguyen Ngoc 0ff5aabd1f fix get node detail when creating VM is failed 2 years ago
  Duc Truong 67591b0211 Fix cluster recovery and node recovery params 2 years ago
  Jude Cross 01fe1997ee Fix duplicating network ports on node recovery 2 years ago
  Duc Truong 52d8702274 Rework health check code 3 years ago
  Jude Cross f381651ce6 Start using glance instead of compute to find images 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen d27cba4d5c Fix net check return error when net_obj get value is "None" 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen 7916b43492 Add nova profile support for vm snapshot and restore operation 3 years ago
  Duc Truong 309fefa68c Add node poll url detection type to health policy 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen 1b3ac2c0f8 Add nova profile support for vm migrate operation 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen 3cdffd6744 Simple os profile update check "obj.physical_id" 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen 9606ff9a16 Add nova profile support for vm rescue and unrescue operation 3 years ago
  Duc Truong 42c1d18c5b Simplify profile code 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen 112fc57aae Add nova profile support for vm pause and unpause operation 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen c75527260b Add nova profile support for vm lock and unlock operation 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen 9865d71b33 Add nova profile support vm start and stop operation 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen ed061bec1c Add profile support suspend and resume operation 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen 5a92b60339 Update node recover operation 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen 1d98beba8e Fix cluster node join or leave faild error 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen a91cf438c8 Use six module format ex message 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen 6d3712f204 Add nova profile use block_device_mapping_v2 volume check 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen a456b5464c Add nova profile use block_device_mapping_v2 image check 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen 1317e6c607 Fix nova profile get old image attribute 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen d3a487127f Fix hints update appear 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'update' 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen f96f359bfd Update handle rebuild get image use _get_image_id function 3 years ago
  blkart 6d99c130be Get image id from multiple places 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen c1b3fa83a8 Change module parameter use consts configure 3 years ago
  Frank Kloeker 08e710bcfd [trivial] fix typo in senlin/profiles/os/nova/server.py 3 years ago
  lidong 53aeca7bea Modify the descriptions in some files 3 years ago
  Duc Truong fa1ac4caf2 Fix devgate 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen 33231f869f Fix nova rebuild not support vm use boot volume 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen c7444f1914 Nova profile support node detail attached_volumes display 3 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen 014afa9560 Fix node check no server found record error 4 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen 4a8e090ecc Fix nova handle_rebuild return error 4 years ago
  ruijie c5a1eb1570 move physical_id check from engine object to profile layer 4 years ago
  Yuanbin.Chen 9a00833aa9 Fix nova handle_rebuild name value error 4 years ago
  ruijie 0daea5c2bc fix physical id should not be 'UNKNOWN' 4 years ago
  liyi 32a602d0de Fix adpoted server with duplicated network 4 years ago