4 Commits (e04d0b87f60a2b6f0f666f69d0395c9f44262af7)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Satish Patel e04d0b87f6 Add flavor_id property to Load-Balancing Policy 9 months ago
Adam Harwell d3bd9ef3f3 Allow LB creation with VIP_NETWORK *or* VIP_SUBNET 2 years ago
Adam Harwell 531283783e Add option to choose LB availability_zone 2 years ago
tengqm 9763e308f3 Decouple cloud backends 4 years ago
liyi dbf0abacd8 Migrate loadbalancer to Octavia 4 years ago
Ethan Lynn 4c4a8ee6a7 Add a interface to list floating IPs 5 years ago
Ethan Lynn b5afb16c29 Add floating ip operations to neutron driver 5 years ago
Ethan Lynn 52953fac09 Add security_group_find to neutron driver 5 years ago
Ethan Lynn 2de93cef0c Add port_create/port_delete to neutron driver 5 years ago
tengqm 355e79ff86 Clean neutron driver interface for unused calls 5 years ago
tengqm 78d8867894 Rework network validation logic for nova server 5 years ago
yanyanhu 7bbab37916 Revise some neutron_v2 driver interfaces 5 years ago
yanyanhu b5d29716cc Revise neutron driver for change in sdk 0.8.1 release 6 years ago
yanyanhu 4087a9b668 Translate exceptions happen in Neutron driver 6 years ago
zhurong 355c944f45 Delete the unused LOG configure code 6 years ago
Haiwei Xu 801baf3724 Handle exception in neutron_v2 module 6 years ago
yanyanhu f3b883dce3 Remove context usage from driver layer 6 years ago
tengqm 50932bdd94 Add unit test for different HM type 6 years ago
yanyanhu 28460e97a4 Test case for neutron_v2 driver(2) 6 years ago
tengqm 8bba5b7df3 Remove some not-so-useful internal exception types 6 years ago
yanyanhu b787cac00a Remove initilization of auth and session attrs in some drivers 6 years ago
yanyanhu 11e423f80f Initial version of lb_policy 6 years ago
yanyanhu 6cb42387f5 Unify input parameter definition in Senlin openstack drivers 6 years ago
yanyanhu 09b39d12da Add pool_member related interfaces to neutron v2 driver 6 years ago
yanyanhu 3751169de8 Add driver for Neutron 6 years ago