86 Commits (e04d0b87f60a2b6f0f666f69d0395c9f44262af7)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Satish Patel e04d0b87f6 Add flavor_id property to Load-Balancing Policy 9 months ago
Adam Harwell d3bd9ef3f3 Allow LB creation with VIP_NETWORK *or* VIP_SUBNET 2 years ago
Adam Harwell 531283783e Add option to choose LB availability_zone 2 years ago
Jacob Estelle 51f2d9b060 Add node replacement hook to LB policy 2 years ago
Duc Truong f2fc46ddc4 Enable health checks after failed operation 3 years ago
sapd 1e5e4dd8b4 Fix parameters for update node when recovery with lb_policy 3 years ago
sunqingliang6 446e713d04 modify grammatical errors 3 years ago
chenpengzi f45cad94a2 Update senlin documentation url 4 years ago
chenpengzi fe5b558c52 remove no use define and spell error 4 years ago
Yuanbin.Chen 7f83d7995d Fix lb policy for 1.1 version support 4 years ago
Duc Truong 3dd9f3ecde Lifecycle hook implementation 4 years ago
lidong fe66d285fe Correct the note in file:senlin/senlin/policies/lb_policy.py 4 years ago
tengqm 66e8486c27 Remove tox unit test warnings 4 years ago
liyi dbf0abacd8 Migrate loadbalancer to Octavia 4 years ago
ruijie aa9b69b9eb revise detaching process in lb_policy 4 years ago
ruijie c06ef3739b revise add_member and remove_member functionality in lb_policy 4 years ago
TingtingYu adfbcb9499 Add code to fix the problem that support existed loadbalancer policy 4 years ago
TingtingYu 6007a2aaed Validate that the specified LB does exist 4 years ago
TingtingYu 921fde986a Add loadbalancer params to lb_policy 4 years ago
RUIJIE YUAN 18aa65e1d2 revise lb policy to handle node_recover 4 years ago
melissaml 9842568200 Update URLs in documents according to document migration 4 years ago
RUIJIE YUAN e17a7811ed revise lb-policy (2) 4 years ago
RUIJIE YUAN 5188eeaa49 revise lb-policy (1) 4 years ago
chenlx f7dbaef773 Optimize the link address 4 years ago
liyi 3423667de0 Remove log translations 5 years ago
RUIJIE YUAN 4ed022e13f lb_policy support NODE_RECOVER(2) 5 years ago
RUIJIE YUAN 3405232088 lb_policy support CLUSTER_RECOVER(1) 5 years ago
tengqm efaed3d0c0 Fix LB member status update in error conditions 5 years ago
jonnary fb240766a2 Support 'enabled' in attach callback 5 years ago
tengqm 17ac285050 User reference documentation for LB policy (2) 5 years ago
tengqm 55618d41d6 User reference documentation for LB policy (1) 5 years ago
tengqm b7b0e6ac13 Add 'VERSIONS' to all profile/policy types 5 years ago
lvdongbing 67ca4d5a9e Remove is_admin judge in xyz_get_all at db layer 5 years ago
tengqm 5d79494e2e Rebase LB policy on real capacity of cluster 5 years ago
tengqm 5fbc05e9a4 Refactor LB policy for driver calls 5 years ago
tengqm 91c21f05f7 Spec validation for LB policy 5 years ago
Lu lei 310cd76756 Fix 'load banlancer' in i18n strings 5 years ago
tengqm 2487a7481f Rework policy validation invocation 5 years ago
tengqm c46e892b68 Rework _build_conn_params for policies 5 years ago
Ethan Lynn c167430eaf Add policy_validate function to engine 5 years ago
yanyanhu de233ffdb8 Make lb timeout configurable 5 years ago
tengqm 82a0fa1474 Enable LB policy to handle NODE_CREATE 5 years ago
tengqm 99d3e998c4 Enable LB policy to handle NODE_DELETE 5 years ago
zhangyanxian eab725bdd9 Fix some spelling mistakes in the files 5 years ago
yanyanhu 920d41a603 Fix lb healthmonitor delay/timeout unit 5 years ago
tengqm 882defe002 ovo - switch cluster calls 5 years ago
tengqm de15589daa ovo - switch node calls 5 years ago
yanyanhu 62ab1d31d3 Store random assigned VIP address to cluster data 6 years ago
tengqm 613a4ec24a Optimize action data update in lb policy 6 years ago
tengqm 7aead49826 Optimize lb policy for the case count is 0 6 years ago