Clustering service for managing homogeneous objects in OpenStack
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Senlin TODO Item List

This document records all workitems the team want to finish in a short-term (usually a development cycle which lasts 6 month). All jobs listed here are NOT in working progress which means developers can pick up any workitem they are interested in if they do have enough time to work on it. Developer should file a BluePrint in the launchpad to give a detailed description about their plan after deciding to work on a specific item. A patch should be proposed as well to remove related workitem from the TODO list after the BP gets approval.



  • Find and fill gaps with API-WG besides the one we already identified.
  • Add support to put a cluster to maintenance mode


  • Complete support to list of health recovery actions.
  • Add command "node adopt --profile-type <type> --properties<NET_ID> --resource <NOVA_ID>" to adopt existing server node.
    • The new command should check if the provided properties are sufficient.
    • There exists a need to snapshot a server before adoption.




  • Add a new property "fast_scaling" to Cluster
    • A standby (user invisible) cluster is created containing the extra nodes that amount to max_size - desired_capacity
  • Perform cluster scaling based on role filters
  • Perform cluster checking based on role filters
  • Perform cluster recovery based on role filters


  • Add support to snapshot/restore operations for nova server profile. The possible use case is rapid scale.
  • Add support to nova server so that "block_device_mapping_v2" can reference an existing pool of cinder volumes.
  • Add support to nova server so that "network" can reference an existing pool of neutron ports or fixed IPs.


  • Provide support for watching all objects we created on behalf of users, like loadbalancer which is created when attaching lb policy.
  • Leverage other monitoring service for object health status monitoring.
  • Health policy extension for recovery action selection based on inputs


  • Provide role-based filtering when doing 'cluster-run'



  • Allow actions to be paused and resumed. This is important for some background actions such as health checking.
  • Provide support to oslo.notification and allow nodes to receive and react to those notifications accordingly: Autoscaling Notifications


  • Support disk property update for os.nova.server profile


  • Provide a sample conf file for customizing senlin options.


  • Add more Rally profile and scenario support for Senlin.


  • Integration with Glare for profile/policy specs storage. At least we may want to enable users to retrieve/reference heat templates from glare when creating profiles.