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Add flag to indicate a service is a secondary service

In cases where one project provices more than one service, answering the
question "what service-type corresponds with this project name?" becomes
hard. In the one existing example, nova with compute and placement, if
someone asks "what is the service-type associated with 'nova'?" - they
mean compute.

Allow for marking a service as secondary so that data consumption
routines can know.

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Monty Taylor 3 years ago
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@@ -70,6 +70,14 @@ ordered list of known fallback names. If an API consumer cannot find a given
list of ``aliases`` here, in the order they are given, in order to find
the requested endpoint.

secondary (optional)

If secondary is set and is true, the project is not the primary service people
associate with the project codename. For instance, the ``nova`` project has
two services, ``compute`` and ``placement``. ``compute`` is the primary
project. ``placement`` is secondary.


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@@ -44,6 +44,10 @@
"type": "string"
"description": "An ordered list of historical aliases for this service type."
"secondary": {
"type": "boolean",
"description": "Is this a secondary service for a project?"