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xuanyandong 88b03d8ddd Add source and contributing link in readme
Change-Id: I447872e205346f6ac9179cc404218eae278ac7c1
4 years ago
Monty Taylor b47fb2af55 Update for opendev
Change-Id: I2cf0463108cf0bea37a221ee1dd74252d13f41c4
4 years ago
Monty Taylor 3b2cad5d31
Decouple OpenStackCloud from Connection
Revert the openstacksdk subclassing from shade. The idea was to
reduce the workload, but trying to make sure that the Cloud abstraction
in openstacksdk doesn't break shade's contract while we update things is
a ton of work to meet the contract that's not really valuable to people.

Instead, we'll put shade on lifesupport and only accept bugfix patches.

Revert "Make OpenStackCloud a subclass of Connection"

This reverts commit ab3f400064.

Revert "Use openstack.config directly for config"

This reverts commit 2b48637b67.

Revert "Remove the task manager"

This reverts commit 28e95889a0.

Change-Id: I3f5b5fb26af2f6c0bbaade24a04c3d1f274c8cce
5 years ago
Sean McGinnis df4c5819d2 Remove redundant target in README
An 'example' anchor was being explicitly added that was
redundant with the 'Example' title it preceeded. This
causes failures with `python check -s -r` which
was added to release validation to prevent pypi package
upload failures.

Since the README is imported into the built docs, and the
docs link to the examples using this hidden anchor, this
renames it to avoid a conflict.

Change-Id: I6947e0ae420402cc9866e3c374626392b1d5194c
5 years ago
baiwenteng e1f524233b add release notes to README.rst
add release notes to README.rst

Change-Id: If7e931912dc66bce7e1221d564801a642be3d5c7
5 years ago
melissaml 3c3132285f Trivial: Update pypi url to new url
Pypi url changed from [1] to [2]


Change-Id: Iefc596294090af7f1a87b20183f37726e7c0524e
5 years ago
Akihiro Motoki 262061afd0 Improve doc formatting a bit
After migrating to openstackdocstheme, some shade document became
not easy to read. This commit fixes them a bit.

- openstackdocstheme assumee only one title per page.
  Use a different level of title for the title.
  Otherwise, titles with the same level are not shown.
- Release notes page has a lot of sections. It leads to a long TOC
  in the user guide index page.
  Use maxdepth=1 explicitly for the release notes.
- Add a link to a simple example to usage.rst.
  It helps users who access the user guide directly.

Change-Id: If51afa471505296b502bed3288cc9bcf30a69ba3
6 years ago
Sorin Sbarnea a134c10ea4 Added useful links to README
Fixes #2001116

Change-Id: I43c313fffe8ff0c0e8aa583adce7676872ce357b
6 years ago
Markus Zoeller daabd8cb9c docs: make the first example easier to understand
The very first example of the usage of shade is easier to understand
if there is also an example of the needed `clouds.yml` file. Without
it, it is unclear what the meaning of the key `mordred` means.

Change-Id: Iad3aba66b0c6344157da30f374e191d01e938b2b
6 years ago
Monty Taylor 9f4805bedb Change operating to interacting with in README
Just noticed that the README says "for operating OpenStack". The word
operating has very specific connotations in OpenStack world, and that is
decidedly _not_ the primary use case of shade.

Change-Id: Ic0205c82abc3b5bfd6223ea7a6ee1bd6bfb365dd
7 years ago
Kyle Mestery f4971b50a6 Pedantic spelling correction
Change-Id: Id1d395485c0223847194abde6a0aa658ac27741d
Signed-off-by: Kyle Mestery <>
8 years ago
Monty Taylor edc5fc2d98 Update README to not reference client passthrough
It's there and we support it, but we don't have to _talk_ about it.

Change-Id: Ia3419a72fa13d42a17ddc0243d7800e462a827b2
8 years ago
David Shrewsbury 0af29bda2f Clarify future changes in docs
The README was discussing future design decisions as if they were
already implemented. This can be confusing for new users. This
separates that discussion into a separate doc page and clarifies
its intentions.

Also, fix sphinx doc build warnings.

Change-Id: Ie66b60d972cae25a9805804ad17632aed0932627
8 years ago
Atsushi SAKAI 914d82a33a Fix two typos and one readablity on shade documentation
resouce => resource
expse   => expose

virtualenvwrapper => virtualenv wrapper

Change-Id: Id4dbcb4852eb2ef5dac4e0379e384c945c93a1ae
8 years ago
Ghe Rivero 8f3a48ba81 Fix small error in README.rst
Change-Id: Iba33df0c19d895be98e6f63467f6d3143fae88c0
8 years ago
Monty Taylor 2fcf0530a6 Add design for an object interface
We are currently butting up against the point where the functional
interface is a bit ugly. Write up a general design for an object
interface, as well as a few other design thoughts on the library.

Change-Id: Iac675860336275ea56026fcbed27338ba80ef886
8 years ago
David Shrewsbury e71bee318c Stop leaking server objects
We should not be returning raw client objects when creating or
rebuilding a server.

The usage document is updated to indicate that access to resource
values via attribute is deprecated, and the examples in the README
now reflect dict-style access.

Change-Id: Iac38d4c0b29f867cc3cefaccf48c1c3fcd17a3d9
8 years ago
Ricardo Carrillo Cruz 084df16c9b Revamp README file
The README used only python-*client objects, thus defeating the
purpose of shade, which is about putting a facade for all those
interfaces to simplify things.
README now shows you can use shade simplified interface and also
access the underlying python-*client API objects.

Change-Id: I0c638beab615177fc6ce3704c5443a3394a87ed0
8 years ago
Monty Taylor 64292c8031 Add example code to README 9 years ago
Monty Taylor f18e9e867e Remove some extra lines from the README
They are misleading - making it seem like docs are there.
9 years ago
Monty Taylor c046b39e79 Initial cookiecutter repo 9 years ago