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Ghanshyam Mann 6fb715b47c [community goal] Update contributor documentation
This patch updates/adds the contributor documentation to follow
the guidelines of the Ussuri cycle community goal[1].


Story: #2007236
Task: #38556
Change-Id: I4bfe9db179fdf2285e847544cdb98c597ec388a6
2021-05-17 19:28:10 -05:00
Jeremy Stanley 6e143e1aeb Improve CONTRIBUTING.rst for clarity
Change-Id: Iff43a884089ce2bc32cd9e1cbc5d94dd44a03b8c
2015-05-16 13:18:50 +00:00
Jeremy Stanley c3d0b3f37e Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual
Replace URLs for workflow documentation to appropriate parts of the
OpenStack Project Infrastructure Manual.

Change-Id: I126eb57446ca3655e8f7da18a19c16240c4efae4
2014-12-05 03:30:42 +00:00
Matthew Treinish bfd23b3fbb Add basic cookiecutter template 2014-03-24 14:46:13 -04:00