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Tim Buckley 7eab971d3f Switch to eslint.
This ports over changes made in openstack-health to convert the
project from jshint to eslint, with the eslint-config-openstack

Change-Id: Iaa0490d07603e2481e1c738136f9fda1be95dea8
8 years ago
Tim Buckley 1e09a951c9 Clean outdated config files and boilerplate examples.
Various example resources from the project boilerplate can be
removed, and configuration files for bower and eslint are no
longer needed. An outdated Karma config file is also removed,
as JavaScript tests are moved into the `test` subdirectory.

Change-Id: I2407c20f00f3346b8969d819db92a9fb70c429eb
8 years ago
Tim Buckley 79ef8f2823 Add eslint configuration 8 years ago